Review and Giveaway Policy

Review Policy

Genres I read:
  • Women's Fiction
  • Some General Fiction
  • At times I will read a little  YA, Paranormal, memoirs and Christian fiction.
  • Romance - mainly Contemporary, Historical, Adventure, Suspense. Some time travel.
I am veering away from Romance, my preference these days is for women's fiction where the romance is secondary. However I do have many authors who write romance that I love and will continue to read. 

Genres I don't read:
  • Erotica or... anything that might be defined as a Scorcher, I won't knowingly set out to read.
  • Religious Fiction.
  • Horror - would keep me awake with the light on at night!
  • Spy/Thriller
  • Non-fiction - well I might read some, but not ones that I will review here.
When I review, the opinion I give is my own, I rate books on how much I enjoy them. I don't write intellectual reviews, rather my response to the book is as a reader. I recognise that a book I enjoy may not be one that someone else will enjoy.  But I do consider myself a Book Advocate!

At times I review ebooks chosen from NetGalley or paperbacks from publishers.  I  write a review in a timely manner and have them ready close to the publishing date. 
I post my reviews:
  • here on my blog
  • on Goodreads
  • on Amazon
***At this point in time - June 2016 I am not accepting any more books for review. I will update that here if that changes. I do not have cover reveals or other posts to present books I haven't read.

Giveaway Contest Policy on Book Date

  • To enter you must be 18 years or over, by entering you are certifying that you are.
  • All giveaways are open internationally unless otherwise stated.
  • When notification is sent the winner will have 48 hours to respond, at holiday time this will be extended a little more.  Once the time is up a new winner will be drawn and the original winner will lose the draw.
  • Those who enter the Giveaway must read all the details and be able to carry out various details e.g. if I am giving an eBook it will only be for Kindle from Amazon, unless otherwise stated.
  • If the giveaway is from the Book Depository the winner must be in a free postage area from the Book Depository.
  • I accept no responsibility if a book is lost in the post.
  • When a winner has been determined and has connected with me all emails from the giveaway will be deleted.

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