December 29, 2012

My 2013 Book Challenge

While I am joining the TBR 2013 book challenge and an audio book challenge, I am also setting my own one for myself, so that I have something else to challenge me. I  read middle grade and ya fiction as part of my work as a teacher, I usually read one of those a week. Very good reading I might add.

4 non fiction.

5 of a series.

8 that are already on my Kindle as of this day.

4 rereads of novels I have loved.

4 new to me authors.

2 from a sub genre of romance I rarely or have never read.

2 from a genre I rarely or never read. Choose them from a Goodread's top list of that genre

12 published in 2013 (Hopefully this will cover must buy and read immediately  authors I love!)

7 whose titles begin with my name letters. K.A.T.H.R.Y.N

4 recommended by other readers.

A book may only be named in one category!

Do you join reading challenges or set personal reading goals?

Image credit: Tablet and Books www. 123rf .com

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