December 28, 2012

Starting Up.

I have started up a new blog.  I want to use it only for reading and books, while I do track what I read at Goodreads, a book blog is something that I can use for the purpose of tracking challenges and interacting with other readers.

I tend to read what I like, and I know that what I like is not what someone else might like.  I may give 3 stars to a book that someone else gives 5 stars.  For me it is about personal taste.  If the book takes me away from the present into the book's world and I don't want to come back from it, then I am likely to give it 5 stars.  A book that has a great plot, engaging characters, is well written, and makes me think about my life and others, usually gets a big tick.

Recently on Amazon I gave one star to a book that 23 others had given 5 stars. The plot was good but the writing was pedestrian.  I skim read it.  That's the trouble with a Kindle, I buy more books that are likely to not be to my taste.  I must put the brake on and be a little more discerning.  Not get fooled by a lot of top stars in one place, note to self check it out elsewhere first.

I have heaps of books in my TBR pile, eek - sometimes I have bought a book twice unknowingly. One in on my Kindle and in paperback. I hate that. Because I have a large TBR pile I am going to begin 2013 by taking part in a challenge directed to whittling down the TBR pile. Really? I guess there won't be any whittling down, because while I am reading from it, I am adding to it.


  1. I have spent the evening trying to get rid of my noreply@blogger link and now I am testing this out.


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