September 18, 2013

The Tender Texan

Book Cover
The Tender Texan                        TBR Challenge
Jodi Thomas
Published:Berkley reissue 2011
Format: Kindle
Pages: 368
Genre: Western romance
Source: Own book.

Summary from Goodreads
Bold and beautiful Anna Meyer dared to walk into a campsite full of Texas cattlemen.... and offer $100 to the man who would help her forge a frontier homestead.

On the brink of adulthood, Chance Wyatt agreed to settle down and build a home with the lovely stranger.  The boy in him never considered the possibility of love.  But the man in him could not deny the passion.  They vowed to live together for one year only.  But as the challenges of the savage land drew them closer together, neither could resist an aching desire that enflamed their hearts, touched their souls.... and broke all their rules.

My thoughts
This book has been sitting on my Kindle for awhile, so it was great to have to incentive to read it for this month's western historical romance.  Jodi Thomas is an author I have come to admire through her contemporary books, however I have enjoyed this historical which was first published back in 1991.

The book is set back in the 1840's and it has an authentic ring to what those times must have been like as German settlers left their ship and proceeded by wagon to the land that they had been promised.

Anna, is young, her husband is dead and she is pregnant.  She needs support in this harsh world, and while courageous and able, she realises if she is to survive she needs some male protection and brawn.  Chance Wyatt, while slightly younger than her, offers for her, accepts the $100 (which he mails off to support a younger sister Maggie) and from then on proves to be one of the best kinds of men you could ask for.  He knows the ways of the local area, can shoot and keep himself and those who depend on him alive, he knows the ways of the Indians and he has the skills to build a home and sow land for food.  He is respectful and tender with Anna and so very patient.

The Tender Texan has a number of minor characters who add to the authenticity of the book.  Tobin a hardened cowboy, who enjoys the company of Chance and Anna, and proves to be an added asset to them.  There is Maggie, who is so delighted to be a part of the family when she arrives unexpectedly on the scene.  Sourdough - an Indian so named because of his affinity with Anna's home baked bread, another Indian who provides Chance with many challenges and one on one fights, and who ultimately reaches out and supports Chance when it is most needed.

This book was a good old fashioned western romance that I really enjoyed.
4 stars

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