October 16, 2013

Loyalty in Death

Book Cover
Loyalty in Death                      TBR Challenge
Published: Piatkus 2010 (1st published 1999)
Format: Kindle
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Source: Own book

Summary from Goodreads.
An unknown bomber is stalking New York City.  He is sending Eve Dallas taunting letters promising to wreak mass destruction among the "corrupt masses". And when his cruel web of deceit and destruction threatens those she cares for most, Eve fights back. It's her city, it's her job... and it's hitting too close to home.  Now, in a race against a ticking clock, Eve must make the pieces fit - before the city falls.
My thoughts:
The In Death books that I have read have all been very good. However, I think this one is my top favourite of the series so far.  I really enjoyed it.

There is always an intricate plot in these books and this one falls into that pattern.  At first I wondered how a couple of deaths could possibly fit into a series of bombings going on around New York.  I looked at the blurb and I wondered if I was reading the book that matched the blurb. But yes, I soon found I was for sure.  Up until now this series has explored individual and serial murders, this one takes on a mass destruction theme.  I was gripping my seat until the end and reading at every opportunity.

The inter play of the characters is part of what makes these books so good.  In this one Eve Dallas is her feisty self, putting her whole self into the search for the murderers.  As often is the case she has Roarke helping out, and in this book they made a great team.  There was a sense that their relationship went to another deeper level as Eve was called on to deepen her trust and love for Roarke.  It is hard to believe that their marriage is just six months old at this stage in the series.  Of course there is also the by-play with Somerset the butler and Eve, both care about each other but also love to annoy each other.  Either in actual fact would die for the other!

Peabody and McNab take an interesting step in their relationship.  Up until now McNab has loved to tease Peabody, and Peabody has had only disdain for him.  Things have now hotted up between them, as the reader could see from previous spats in earlier books.  Mavis makes a brief appearance, and we see both her intelligence and her compassion.  So within this book there is growth for many of the characters.

This book had  twists in plot, plenty of action, characters who develop and love one another, doses of humour.  I loved it, and it has heightened my resolve to continue on with this series.
5 stars

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  1. This is one of my favorite series. I love the interaction between Eve and Somerset.


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