November 10, 2013

If You Could See What I See.

Book Cover
if you could see what I see
Cathy Lamb
Published: Kensington Books
Date: 2013
Genre: Women's fiction
Format: Paperback
Source: Own book

Summary from Goodreads
For decades, the women in Meggie O’Rourke’s family have run Lace, Satin, and Baubles, a lingerie business that specializes in creations as exquisitely pretty as they are practical. The dynamic in Meggie’s family, however, is perpetually dysfunctional. In fact, if Meggie weren’t being summoned back to Portland, Oregon, by her grandmother, she’d be inclined to stay away all together.

Since her husband’s death a year ago, Meggie’s emotions have been in constant flux, and so has her career as a documentary film maker. Finding ways to keep the family business afloat—and dealing with her squabbling sister and cousin—will at least give her a temporary focus. To draw customers to their website, Meggie decides to interview relatives and employees about their first bras and favorite lingerie. She envisions something flip and funny, but the confessions that emerge are unexpectedly poignant. There are stories of first loves and aching regrets, passionate mistakes and surprising rendezvous. And as the revelations illuminate her family’s past, Meggie begins to find her own way forward.

My thoughts
Some time ago I was hooked by Shelleyrae over on Book'd Out  when she wrote this review for If You Could See What I See by Cathy Lamb.  After reading her review I sent away for the book and just now got around to reading it.  I loved it.  Thanks to Shelleyrae I now have a new-to-me author; I want to read all the other books Cathy Lamb has written.

This book had an amazing cast of characters all centred around the family business.  Meggie who tells the story, has just recently returned, to become the CEO of the business - which is struggling. Meggie is struggling too, because of her recent past. This past is revealed piece by piece in the book - a mystery that is slowly revealed, through the flashbacks which work really well.  Little pieces of information are given and the reader wonders - why?

Meggie's sisters, grandmother and mother are all strong, feisty women.  They love, they fight for what they believe, they are there for each other.  They are all interesting, each has their own challenges to meet.  Lacey, one of Meggie's sisters has this amazing family of teenagers - and each have their own issues.  I liked every character, as I laughed and at other times felt my heart touched by their stories.

There are many issues explored in this book, each explored in a thoughtful and compassionate way by the author.  As a reader you are presented with the opportunity to think about these issues. As in life, there are no clear cut answers, however the reader is given insight into each character's point of view.  In every issue there are many stakeholders, Cathy Lamb shows this very well.

This book is a keeper, one to pick up and reread again.
5 stars


  1. I'm so glad you loved this as much as I did!

    1. Indeed, and thank you - I have now ordered some more of her books!


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