January 18, 2014

Review: Carolina Home. Virginia Kantra.

Book cover: Carolina Home
Carolina Home
Virginia Kantra
Published: Audible Inc.  2013
Format: Audio
Narrator: Sophie Eastlake
Length: 8 hrs 48 min
Genre: Contemporary romance
Source: Own audiobook.
Home to the Fletcher family for generations, Dare Island is a fishing village rocked by changing times - its traditions slipping away like sands of the North Carolina coast. Single dad and fishing boat captain Matt Fletcher deferred his own dreams to support his innkeeper parents and build a future for his sixteen-year-old son. Matt has learned to weather life's storms by steering a steady emotional course...and keeping a commitment-free approach to love.

Newcomer Allison Carter came to Dare Island to escape the emotional demands of her wealthy family. The young teacher aims to build a life here, to make a lasting place for herself. She doesn't want to be another Woman Who Once Dated Matt Fletcher. It's both tempting and dangerous to believe she can be something more.

Then Matt's brother Luke makes a sudden return home, with a child of his own - and a request that will change all their lives. With a child's welfare at stake, Matt must turn to Allison to teach him to let go of the past, open his eyes...and follow his heart.

My thoughts
I really enjoyed this audiobook.  I have long wanted to try another  Virginia Kantra novel, Carolina Home was a winner for me; I will definitely finish out this series and then read something else written by her.

This is set in a small town neighbourhood, it is family oriented and the characters are very loveable. Not just the two main characters, but the rest of Matt's family; his son Josh, his niece Tayla and his brother Luke and sister Meg.  His mom and dad are a great couple, and it is his dad's words that finally help Matt make peace with his past and reach out for what he really wants.

Allison is one of those sweet but amazing characters, she has endured parents who value wealth and 'who and how much you have' over real relationships.  She has struck out and gone after what she values and wants.  She cares about her pupils and Matt and his family.  It is not easy to chase her away, although it can be done!

Tayla ( not sure of the spelling as my version is the audiobook) was a character you can't but help your heart  going out to.  Matt definitely shows his mettle in his dealing with her.  There is a dog who plays a small but important role in this story, and again adds that touch of heart-warmth to the story.

Not every detail was wrapped up by the end of the book - certainly just enough to make me want to know what happens further on down the track.

The narrator did a very good job in my opinion - with voice variation and just that phrasing and intonation that lifted this book to a whole new level.  So much so, that even though I would like to dash off and read the kindle version of the next book, I am going to listen instead to the audio a little down the track.
4 stars

Dare Island Series.
1. Carolina Home.
2. Carolina Girl.
3. Carolina Man.


  1. I enjoyed reading your review. It sounds like this book has depth in it's story and characters.

  2. Very nice review...thanks.

    I hope you are enjoying your weekend.

    We had more snow today, but everything looks so pretty especially the trees.


    1. I immediately become jealous of the imagined picture! Yes I bet the trees look beautiful.


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