January 24, 2014

Texas Princess. Jodi Thomas

Book cover.  Texas Princess
Texas Princess
Jodi Thomas
Published: Berkley. 2007
Format: Paperback
Pages: 345
Genre: Historical romance western
Source: My Own
Ever since he defended the Whispering Mountain Ranch as a boy, Tobin McMurray vowed to steer clear of outsiders. But something about Liberty Mayfield has made it impossible to keep his distance. Every minute spent with the vulnerable beauty has left him hungering for something he swore he'd never have-a wife and a family. Unfortunately, the woman who's ignited his desire is about to marry another man.

My thoughts:
Texas Princess is the second book in the Whispering Mountain series by Jodi Thomas.  This is the story of Liberty, who is about to be married to a Captain Samuel Buchanan. However he has turned out to be not what he seemed in the beginning and now all Liberty wants to do is escape from imminent marriage.  Her father is a senator and while he cares about her, he has little time for her.

When the Senator's life is threatened he asks Tobin to 'kidnap' Liberty and escape so that she is not caught up in whatever might eventuate.  Tobin does as asked and so the story begins.  It is one of sleeping out under the stars and also it is time spent at the Whispering Mountain ranch.  Here we again are reacquainted with the various members of the family.

I enjoyed the book, the characters are great, Tobin is courageous and clever, Liberty while seemingly used to the fine things in life, adapts to what is asked of her and enters into every escapade and event that happens in the journey to safety.

This book has all the great elements of a historical western, a genre I enjoy reading every so often, and their is no better story teller than Jodi Thomas.
4 stars
Whispering Mountain series
1.  Texas Rain                                                         5.  Texas Blue
2.  Texas Princess                                                   6.  Wild Texas Rose
3.  Tall, Dark and Texan                                         7.  Promise Me Texas
4.  The Lone Texan

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