January 9, 2014

The Exile: An Outlander Graphic Novel

Book Cover of The Exile by Diana Gabaldon
The Exile
Diana Gabaldon
Illustrator: Hoang Nguyen
Publisher:Del Rey. Ballantine Books
Date: 2010
Format: Graphic Novel
Pages: 224
Genre: Historical Fiction/Time Travel
Source: Own book
After too long an absence, Jamie Fraser is coming home to Scotland—but not without great trepidation. Though his beloved godfather, Murtagh, promised Jamie’s late parents he’d watch over their brash son, making good on that vow will be no easy task. There’s already a fat bounty on the young exile’s head, courtesy of Captain Black Jack Randall, the sadistic British officer who’s crossed paths—and swords—with Jamie in the past. And in the court of the mighty MacKenzie clan, Jamie is a pawn in the power struggle between his uncles: aging chieftain Colum, who demands his nephew’s loyalty—or his life—and Dougal, war chieftain of Clan MacKenzie, who’d sooner see Jamie put to the sword than anointed Colum’s heir.

And then there is Claire Randall—mysterious, beautiful, and strong-willed, who appears in Jamie’s life to stir his  compassion . . . and arouse his desire.But even as Jamie’s heart draws him to Claire, Murtagh is certain she’s been sent by the Old Ones, and Captain Randall accuses her of being a spy. Claire clearly has something to hide, though Jamie can’t believe she could pose him any danger. Still, he knows she is torn between two choices—a life with him, and whatever it is that draws her thoughts so often elsewhere.
My thoughts
Before I began, I happened to look at some of the reviews on Goodreads - very mixed and some very low. Oh no, I thought to myself.  However this book had cost me quite a bit - hardback, had been sitting on my shelf for a few years now, and lastly I am a diehard fan of the Outlander series.  I also needed to read a graphic novel for a challenge and this one fit right into that category.

The story itself covers the first part of the novel Outlander or Cross Stitch as it was titled when I read it back in 1994.  It is a long time since I read this novel, although I have listened to the audio as well for most of the books.  I really liked this version, it refreshed my mind about the characters and plot line right back at the beginning.

I thought the artwork was superb, and I was fascinated with the pieces at the beginning and end of the book, that detailed why Diana Gabaldon had tried a graphic novel, and the communication that went backwards and forwards between her and the artist.  In short, I was not disappointed.  I loved it.

It made me think of the TV series that is being made at present.  I am not sure that we will see it down here in New Zealand.  Diana Gabaldon has a huge fan base here, but our TV buyers are rather stingy.  I can hope that a DVD version will come in the Pal Zone 4 version, or that it will downloadable in some way.
                                                       5 stars


  1. There's going to be a TV series?! Okay, now I really do need to get to listening to the first book; I downloaded it from Audible (1 credit for 30+ hours of listening) a while back, but haven't felt up to it yet. It'll be all I'll be reading for weeks when I finally hit the play button! Anyway... I need to get my skates on! Obviously. :-) I'm so glad you enjoyed the graphic novel adaption, it looks fun!

  2. The audio of these books is totally fantastic. The narrator is superb - Davinia Porter is my top favourite narrator. She just brings the books alive.

  3. The Outlander series is an all-time favourite and I'm beside myself with excitement over the TV series, I just posted the first trailer for the series on facebook lol, I think we'll be able to download. I was unsure about this graphic novel but after reading your review I'm going to pick up a copy so thank you :)

    1. I so hope we can! Diana Gabaldon is the only author I ever (so far) have been able to go and listen to. There has always been fans of hers at work as well, so I have never been alone in my adoration! I have even enticed people into reading these books and they have become serious fans too! If series can't be got here, well I might have to move countries!!

  4. I'm glad you liked it Kathryn. I haven't read this series though its been on my someday list for a while now :)


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