January 1, 2014

The First Book of the Year 2014

The first book of the year is being organised over at Book Journey, by Sheila. What a fabulous idea. I have chosen to read "No Time for Romance" by Lucilla Andrews. It is a memoir of her time and experiences as a nurse in World War 2 in Britain.  I have been promising myself I would read it for a few years now.  2014 is the year! The time is now.

Back when I was a teen (long time ago!), I read many of her romance books about nurses in London during the war.  I soaked them up.  I was going to become a nurse, even went as far as an interview! Fortunately I saw sense and became a teacher.  I would make a hopeless nurse, but I got carried away by the romance.

Her romances are now out of print, I often wonder how I would see them if I read one now.  Perhaps best left to fond memories, although there was a realism to them.

Photo for first book of year.

Do you remember any authors with nostalgia?


  1. I've never heard of this author but it sounds like a great choice for the new year!

    There are a few authors/books I do get nostalgic about:
    Anne of Green Gables
    Flowers in the Attic
    ANY Georgette Heyer or Jane Austen.
    Of course, CS Lewis and Tolkien!

    1. For me Anne of Green Gables to for sure and Georgette Heyer.

  2. Oh, I do have fond memories of books I loved when I was young...some I have read again in recent years and didn't like them as much as I once did. But that's okay...

    I hope you enjoy the memoir of an author who brought so much joy. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  3. Great pic! That cover looks amazing. Here's my First Book:



  4. Enjoy your book! Romance seems like a great way to start off the year. Happy New Year!

  5. I definitely get nostalgic about Anne of Green Gables and the Bobbsey Twins!

    Your book sounds very interesting and I'll be anxious to read your review of it...hope you are enjoying it!!!

    Happy New Year!!!
    My First Book of the Year

  6. Happy New Year!!

    Cool Photo...very clever.

    THANKS for stopping by my blog earlier. Those Christmas Lights on my blog were from BloggerTrix. Send me an e-mail if you want the link to their site. I signed up to get "tips" from them.

    Stop by my blog tomorrow for an international giveaway of Jubilee's Journey by Bette Lee Crosby.

    Silver’s Reviews
    My First Book of The Year

    1. Thanks Elizabeth, have Googled up the site!

    2. Wonderful!! So you don't need the e-mail then?

    3. No I won't need it, as can follow the blog, thanks for the hint.

  7. That memoir looks fantastic! It's on my TBR now. Happy New Year!

  8. Enjoy your first read of the year! Sounds interesting!

    The Things You Can Read

  9. I'm a former registered nurse and I think I'd love this, can't wait to read your thoughts!

  10. Aargh - I had my comment all ready and then got distracted when I went to follow your blog. :-)
    Memorable nursing experiences sounds like a great interest to start the year.
    When I think authors and nostalgia I think of Mary Stewart who is the author who pulled me into reading romance.
    Thank you for visiting. Happy reading and may you have a grand 2014!

    1. Oh yes! I loved Mary Stewart books, thanks for reminding me!

  11. That sounds like an ideal choice for the start of 2014. I loved Virginia Andrews and devoured books by Danielle Steele in my late teens although I have lots of favourite authors from childhood!


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