February 27, 2014

Carolina Girl. Virginia Kantra

Book Cover of Carolina Girl
Carolina Girl
Virginia Kantra
Published: Audible Inc. 2013
Format: Unabridged Audiobook
Length: 8 hours 31 minutes
Narrator:  Sophie Eastlake
Source: Own audiobook
Meg Fletcher spent her childhood dreaming of escaping Dare Island - her family's home for generations. So after she landed a high-powered job in New York City, she left and never looked back. But when she loses both her job and the support of her long-term, live-in boyfriend, she returns home to lick her wounds and reevaluate her life. Helping out her parents at the family inn, she can't avoid the reminders of the past she'd rather forget - especially charming and successful Sam Grady, her brother's best friend. Their one disastrous night of teenage passion should have forever killed their childhood attraction, but Sam seems determined to reignite those long-buried embers. As Meg discovers the man he's become, she's tempted to open her vulnerable heart to him. But she has no intention of staying on Dare Island - no matter how seductive Sam's embrace might be....
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Carolina Girl is the second in the Dare Island series and tells the story of Meg, the daughter who does not want to end up like her mother, with a family and confined to Dare Island.  However in this book Meg has a few wake up moments - one losing her job, and two losing her scumbag live in boyfriend. They own an apartment together and work at the same place.  However he does the dirty on her, and she returns to Dare Island.

On Dare Island is the wonderful Sam - well I liked him, although Meg has a love/hate relationship going there with him for awhile.  He is the complete opposite to her boyfriend in New York, and far more successful in business too.

Meg finds that she begins to change her views, and rebuilds her lost relationship with Sam and her family.  She comes to champion her niece Tayla and fights with the family to keep the custody arrangement that they have.

Again the narrator does a very good piece of narration, and I enjoyed this easy, gentle family story. Nothing taxing for the brain, a perfect book to listen to when tired.  I will certainly buy the next audiobook in this series.
3 stars
Dare Island Series.
2. Carolina Girl.
3. Carolina Man. TBP 2014
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