March 9, 2014

Nobody But Him. Victoria Purman

Book Cover
Nobody But Him
Victoria Purman
Published: Harlequin Mira Australia
Date: 2013
Forma: Paperback
Pages: 300
Genre: Contemporary romance
Source:  Local public library.
At the age of eighteen, Julia Jones left her hometown — the small beachside town of Middle Point — with a head full of grand plans. Plans for an exciting life in a town that didn’t involve a main street with one pub or a particular boy named Ryan Blackburn.

But after fifteen years and a lifetime later, Julia’s forced to put her career and big-city life on hold when she returns home to finalise her mother’s estate. Which is exactly where she runs smack-bang into the town’s hero, Ry. As in Ryan Blackburn.

The sensible thing to do? Stay the hell away from him and head back to Melbourne as fast as her stilettos can carry her! But instead, Julia finds his offer of a helping hand and a hot body too delicious to refuse.Soon, Julia’s ignoring her better judgement and diving into an ‘I’ll think about it tomorrow’ fling with Ry. But what she doesn’t realise is that tomorrow has a way of sneaking up on you...and that saying goodbye to her home town — and to Ry — is so much harder the second time around.

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Nobody But Him is the first in the Summer Boys trilogy by Victoria Purman.  I absolutely loved this first book and am delighted that I can turn to the next one as it has just been published recently.

It is set in a beach community on the coastline of South Australia's Fleurieu Peninsula.  The descriptions of this area are well drawn and the sea salt and spray can be felt!  Loved the touch of the whale and calf, and the delight that brings to be able to witness these huge animals so close by.

Ry and Julia spark of each other right from the beginning, they had known each other in their teen years, yet Julia had turned her back on Middle Point and Ry to go and seek 'her fortune' in Melbourne.  Now she has accomplished all she could have desired, and is back to close up her family home.  Once back she runs into the formidable Ryan Blackburn and so the fun begins.  There is never a dull moment with these two, and it is with delight the reader witnesses the "journey" that Julia makes to find what really matters in her life.  

Ryan is handsome, successful and just can't get Julia out of his mind.  He missed out on chasing Julia the first time he left and those that love him - his mother and great friend Dan wonder if he is going to go after the woman he really wants and loves this time.  Dan is a very good friend, and this story sets up the next book which is going to be the story of Dan and Lizzie - Julia's best friend and the manager of the local pub that Ry owns.

This book is very well written, entertaining and a load of fun to read.  I'm delighted to find a new to me author that I know I will enjoy from here on out.  Thanks to the Australian book bloggers who led me to this author!
4 stars
Boys of Summer
1.  Nobody But Him
2.  Someone Like you


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    1. Yes you and Sheree did a great job 'selling' it to me!

  2. YAY enticement pays off ;) So glad you loved it and hope you enjoy Someone Like You just as much!


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