May 28, 2014

Expanding Blogging Horizons.

Armchair Bea

Expanding Blogging Horizons

Where to next?  To be honest I will be in a holding position this year, however as I move into next year I would like to do two things:
  1. Move to Wordpress and join a hosting site. 
  2. Comment around a lot more.
Once I move to Wordpress I know there are many plug ins that can be used and I intend exploring them.  I know I want to use the special Book plug in that Creative Whim sells.  I really look forward to that.

Other than that I am open to evolving.  I guess its never say never, as may be I will know when the time comes what I want to do next.

Short Stories.

No, I rarely read short stories - just not a short story reader.  Have read a few and many years back did enjoy some short stories by Jeffrey Archer.   However I am just not a short story reader, and may never be!


  1. All the best with your blogging plans! I am curious about wordpress but I'm stuck in my blogger comfort zone ;-)

    I'm not a fan of novella's or anthologies as well, they just don't work for me,

    Sharon - Obsession with Books

  2. Good luck with your move to Wordpress. I remember making the leap and self-hosting and I have not regretted it.

  3. I've recently moved to I took up Book Host, which is offered by Ashley of Creative Whim. Great product and service from Ashley! Do consider :)
    Good luck with it!

    1. Jessica, absolutely. The one person I am considering!

  4. I did not know Jeffery Archer wrote short stories! And I have been reading really good things about Book Host. Sounds like a great service with a focus on Book Bloggers.

    1. They always have a great twist at the end.

  5. The jump to Wordpress sounds intimidating, but I'm sure it will be smooth sailing!

  6. I also need to comment more. I try to always respond to the comments on my blog, but I need to start commenting on other blogs more than just for Memes.
    And I don't really read any short stories either. There are a few novellas that I am interested in reading, but I haven't read any yet.

  7. Commenting is one of my biggest challenges with blogging! Fall behind one day and it's all over.

    Good luck if you decide to move to Wordpress!

  8. I've been going over the idea in my head of heading towards Wordpress and hosting, too. It's a big step, though! Commenting is so hard for me sometimes. I feel like there are so many blogs that I want to visit but I never have enough time. Then I feel bad and hide with a book in bed. It starts a vicious cycle!

    Kristen @ Pretty Little Pages


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