May 30, 2014

Middle Grade Reading

Armchair Bea
I read a small amount of middle grade books, mainly because I teach middle grade aged students. In New Zealand we have our class all day, and teach everything.  Literacy time is our favourite time of the day, and there is huge disappointment if we don't have it.  I run the Daily Five as advocated by the two sisters, Joan and Gail. I love it and the students love it.  The students have a lot of choice in it and it runs so smoothly.

Rather than list a number of books we made a very short video sharing some of the books we are reading at present.  I find if you can latch students into a series it hooks students, and by the time they finish it they are happy then to move to something else.  Word of mouth works wonders too, you'll notice many of the boys are reading a British author who is popular with them at the moment. Well actually many of the girls are reading him too.
I apologise for some voices being a little quiet, the students are so used to being quiet during literacy time that is was like breaking a taboo to talk during it!


  1. I love that someone is still reading Here's to You, Rachel Robinson. The first book, Just As Long As We're Together was my favorite when I was ten, and I distinctly remember waiting for the sequel to be published. I'm so glad Judy Blume is still finding new fans! I also really enjoyed Okay For Now - great recommendation.

  2. How fun! I think it's awesome that your students are so excited about reading. You must be doing something very right :)

  3. I love that your students are excited. That is such an amazing thing.

  4. That's so wonderful that Literacy time is a favorite part of the day. Even more wonderful that you share it with us...thank you so much!

  5. We use the daily five at our school, too (Alberta, Canada)., love that video. Fantastic Vlog. Lions of Little Rock is one of my favorite reads too! Okay For Now is on sneaking that one home.


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