May 1, 2014

When Beauty Tamed the Beast. Eloisa James

When Beauty Tamed the Beast.  Eloisa James
When Beauty Tamed the Beast
Eloisa James
Publisher: Piatkus/AudioGo
Date: 2011/2012
Format: Large print
Genre: Historical romance
Source: Local library
If only Miss Linnet Berry Thrynne hadn't been caught kissing that prince ... But now the ton believes Linnet to be with royal child - and therefore unmarriageable - so she might as well make her desperate father happy by consenting to wed a beast.

A brilliant surgeon with a reputation for losing his temper - and a wound believed to have left him ... incapable - Piers, Earl of Marchant, should welcome a bride-to-be carrying a ready-made, blue-blooded heir. But Piers isn't fooled by the lady's subterfuge, and though Linnet's devilishly smart and lovely, there will be no wedding of beauty to beast.

Still, Lisle finds the gorgeous brute intriguing. And it's obvious to the naked eye that 'incapable' does not mean 'uninterested'...
My thoughts
I read a little historical romance now and then, so I was keen to read this book by Eloisa James as I always loved the Beauty and the Beast fairytale.  I find it a little more difficult to be drawn into historical romance, however I was soon happily engrossed and found the writing excellent and the story enjoyable.

The beast - Piers, Earl of Montague, is an irritable genius surgeon, and as I read I kept getting a vision of House M.D. in my brain, as they shared some traits.  I smiled when I reached the end of the book and Eloisa James actually mentions the inspiration she received from the scriptwriters of that TV show.  Piers has a very painful injury to his leg, caused by his father's drug hazed mind.  He has never forgiven his father - he has father issues!  He doesn't intend ever marrying and runs a kind of hospital at his large castle like home.

Into this situation arrives Linnet, brought along by his father - who is divorced from his wife, although during the story, his wife and mother of Piers comes visiting as well and there are interesting developments.  Linnet is young and beautiful and compassionate.  She is a match for Piers and is happy to speak back to him and the dragon of a housekeeper that Piers has supervising his patients.  She perhaps sets too much store on beauty as when it is in danger of being lost she is ready to run from love rather than receive the acceptance offered.

I enjoyed the whole story and was happily carried away with the fun and wit of the writing.  I did find the chicken run part of the story a little beyond belief.  I doubt anyone would come alive out of such a situation even in our era of  medicine. However in case you read the book I don't want to give anything away.  

4 stars

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