July 19, 2014

Then Came You. Jill Shalvis

Then Came You
Then Came You
Jill Shalvis
Date: July 2014
Format: Paperback
Pages: 294
Genre: Contemporary romance
Source:Own book

Veterinary intern Emily can’t believe she wound up in the small town of Sunshine, Idaho, instead of the Los Angeles clinic she had always imagined. Now she has to put her plans to move to L.A. on hold for a whole year while she fulfills the obligation of her vet school scholarship.

Then Wyatt, her gorgeous one-night stand from a Reno vet conference, introduces himself as her new boss. And Emily is just as drawn to his seductive looks and quiet strength as she was on that very steamy night. She soon learns that Wyatt isn’t just a laid-back doctor, but a delicious alpha male tempting her away from her carefully laid-out plans...
My thoughts
Then Came You is #5 in Jill Shalvis' Animal Magnetism series.  I do believe it is my favourite series of hers.  While I have been tempted to let go reading some series, not this one.  It has everything that makes for a good read.

I think one of the factors that draws me to this series is the animals in the book.  They are all adorable and often add to the humour in the book.  Peanuts - the parrot was there providing those little bits of fun.  I had my first surprised laugh out loud moment on Page 4.  I don't remember now what tickled my funny bone, but something did.

The characters are very likeable and it is always good to catch up with ones met in previous books.  I really liked Emily and her kindness and care for animals. I liked that tension she felt about being in a practice out in the country when she would have preferred one in L.A.  She finds herself in danger when she comes across an illegal practice - that is very cruel to animals.  The added danger gave the plot a little extra zing.

Wyatt fits right into the male pattern in the clinic.  Warm hearted, caring, sexy, a perfect hero. One very worthy of heaps of casseroles from the local female population.   I can see that its highly possible that his two sisters could be the heroines of future books.  

A thoroughly good read - my only niggle is that I have to wait till 2015 for another one - the good news of course is that there is another one.
4 stars


  1. I love this series too, definitely a fave. The cute animals make it for me ... ok the hot guys kind of do it too

    1. Haha, yes these Animal Magnetism has it all!


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