August 1, 2014

Book Blog Walkers August 1st Check in.

This challenge is organised by Felicia over at the Geeky Blogger's Book Blog.

This past week was a mixture of cold weather some days and un winter like weather other days.

Saturday:  30 minutes
Sunday: 30 minutes
Monday: rest day
Tuesday: 30 minutes
Wednesday: 30 minutes
Thursday: rest day
Friday: 30 minutes

Listening to Sherryl Woods Stealing Home while I walk.

So committing to August now!


  1. Hi Kathryn! You did really good even with cold weather. I would have used that as an excuse so great job! And I've been lazy this week but I will start up again. Yes, I saw the Outlander cast and got their autograph! It was so exciting and I'm writing up my Comic Con recap now (it took a while to gather all the pictures from my sisters camera). Keep up the great work and have a great week!!

    1. Oh my, how exciting - will look forward to your recount of all things exciting at Comic Con.


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