September 5, 2014

Book Blog Walkers Check In 5th Sept

This challenge is organised by Felicia over at the Geeky Blogger's Book Blog.

Well this week I bought a fitbit and started using it on the 1st. Interesting, certainly is an incentive to walk.  

Saturday:   30 min walk
Sunday:      30 min walk
Monday:    30 min walk and 10 000 steps in the day
Tuesday     35 min walk and 7470 steps in the day
Wednesday 35 min walk and 8600 steps in the day
Thursday:   rest day and 6480 steps in the day
Friday:        rest day and  4380 steps in the day

I find I do a reasonable amount of walking during the day at work, except like on Tuesday when I was sitting in one place testing students on reading levels.   Wednesday I was travelling in a car so that cut down on walking.

I have now found a new love for being on playground yard duty - I can get in up to a 1000 steps while circling!  It's the part of my work I dislike - now it has gone up the ladder!  

So what is now at the bottom of the ladder - well kids telling tales I guess!  Today  " So and so said the i word", from a couple of 6 yr old girls.  Me: "Er what is the i word?"  Them - glances at each other, unsure whether to tell me! - "You know, idiot!" 
Me - "Thank you for sharing", (thinking - thank goodness, five more minutes and I can escape to the staffroom.)

While I walk I am still listening to River Road by J A Krentz, but am on the home straight with the book.


  1. You did great this week. Even on your rest day you did more steps than I did!!! That story is so funny, I had no clue what the "i word" was lol. You must hear a lot of funny and interesting things during your day. Keep up the great work and have a great week!!

    1. Thanks Kathy. Yes if only I had written them all down over my years I would have heaps. We laugh in the staffroom quite a bit - nicely of course!

  2. Welcome to the fitbit gang, made me so much more aware of my activity. I can now find ways to bump up my steps on days when I sit a lot more, like Mondays when I do my Monday What Are You Reading post and commenting lol. Your playground duty story gave me a giggle ... way to go on your 1st week!!

    1. Thans Sheree, yes its the days I sit around that I look to get something in. I find myself saying, well I'll leave the car here and walk - instead of driving short distances!

  3. I do not particularly like yard duty either, but if it gets me steps too then good

    1. Yes, it puts a plus into it, counting the steps.


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