October 10, 2014

BookBlogWalkers Check in 10th October

This challenge is organised by Felicia over at the Geeky Blogger's Book Blog.

Well it's been a good week for walking, and some very pleasant days has helped.

Saturday: 45 minutes
Sunday: 45 min
Monday: rest day.  The one day in week of disgustingly bad weather.
Tuesday; 45 min
Wednesday: 45 min
Thursday: 40 min
Friday: 40 min

Had a few problems with my Fitbit One this week, after recharging and being a problem the next day I had to restart it so as to get it to sync.  Then I got an email to say I had done 15 000 steps on Wednesday!  The time it showed me doing an extra 6000 steps or so, the Fitbit One was sitting on the table as I had gone to bed!

I am listening to Somebody Else's Love Story by Joshilyn Jackson, just the first hour or so into it.


  1. Very nice walks :D I need to take a bit longer walks too

    1. I was on holiday so was easier to fit in longer - also necessary as was sitting around a lot more!

  2. I was having syncing problems with my Fitbit Flex. I was so frustrated with it that I stopped wearing it. I went back to wearing my Fitbit zip and have had no problems. They need to figure out what is going on because even my sister was having problems with the Flex. You had a great week! Keep it up and I hope the weather stays nice for you!

    1. Yes, I was annoyed, but I guess not much I can do. And really its a minor in life!


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