October 27, 2014

Unsuitable. Ainslie Paton

Ainslie Paton
Published: October 27th 2014
Format: e-ARC
Pages:  356
Genre: Contemporary romance
Source: received a copy from the author.

Can they make trailblazing and homemaking fit, or is love just another gender stereotype?

Audrey broke the glass ceiling. Reece swapped a blue collar for a pink collar job.

She’s a single mum by design. He’s a nanny by choice.

She gets passed over for promotion. He struggles to find a job.

She takes a chance on him. He’s worth more than he knows. There’s a child whose favourite word is no. Everything about them being together is unsuitable. Except for love.
My thoughts
Ainslie Paton has become one of my favourite Australian authors.  I love her romance novels, she has her own quirky writer's voice that appeals to me.  Her stories are varied, they never fail to hold my attention and I always totally fall for her characters.  Unsuitable soon had me  engrossed in the tangled lives of Audrey, Mia and Reece and their friends and family.

Audrey is a high powered manager in a men's world, while she has made it to where not many other women are, she has still been discriminated against.  She has a darling daughter Mia, and the need of a new nanny because her previous one is leaving.  Among a number of women applying for the job is one man.  Audrey is drawn to employing him, but is just not so sure.  Mia of course has already made up her three going on four year old mind.  Will Audrey be discriminating against him if she passes him over?

Reece would be amazing in a romantic suspense novel - he would be the hero bodyguard or Seal going into rescue missions.  He is just not your usual idea of a male nanny.  He is no female version of the role.  But... he is actually perfect, he might not look the part but he has the experience, character and personality to make any child  happy and secure.  He has four sisters whom he virtually brought up because his father died when they were young and his Mum has had to be the bread winner for the family.  His relationship with them is both funny and beautiful to behold.  And when needed those sisters sure will go into bat for him.

I don't want to give any of the plot away, I think it moves along really well with enough twists and turns to keep any romance reader happy.  I would have loved an epilogue but ... really I wanted for it to just go on and on, so that I could continue to be involved in these characters' lives.  When I am disappointed that a book has come to an end, I know it has succeeded.  Thanks Ainslie Paton you have done it again.
4.5 stars


  1. This author is new to me. This sounds like an interesting Romance. I'm glad you enjoyed it. I enjoyed your review.

    1. Pat this author was new to me last year, but I read one of her books from NetGalley and was hooked!

  2. By the synopsis alone, you can tell this author's voice is a mite different than most. Definitely want to read this one!

    Sarah @ One Curvy Blogger

  3. I'm glad you loved it. The story makes me think sweet romance, but the cover doesn't!

    1. Diana yes it was sweet romance with an unusual twist to it, but the cover says it was sexy with a capital S I think. And it was too but not in a way that overpowered the book. Personally I don't actually like the cover very much - but the author did and she wrote the book so I cede to her!

  4. This sounds wonderful, and the author is new to me. I love the premise:)


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