November 23, 2014

COYER Challenge Winter 2014-2015 E-book Challenge

I've decided to join up with hosted by Berls @ Fantasy is More Fun and Michelle @ Because Reading.  It's all about clearing out your e-reader.  Do I need some incentive to do that - you bet! Blushing at the amount I have found unread! And I didn't go back beyond 2013!

The interesting aspect of this challenge is that the books have to be free or almost.  See the challenge post for what you can consider almost free.  So I have some NetGalley books that I can include and many others just gathered up on my Kindle.  


  • Read and review 15 books - more if I can.
  • Visit and comment on 5 reviews on the linky a week.
  • Participate in one read-a-thon at least, maybe two because they sound great.
  • Check out the mini challenges
Oh yes! I know its a winter challenge - and it's summer down under where I live - but .... so what!

Reviews and Challenges Link
1.   A Light in the Darkness     Jane Kirkpatrick        (NetGalley)
2.   Spare Change                      Bette Lee Crosby       (From the author)
3.   Treading Water                   Marie Force               ($0 - May 2013  1 clicked it.)
4.   Daniel and the Angel         Jill Barnett                 ($0 - Nov  2013 1 clicked it.)novella
5.   Guarding Christmas         Jenny Schwartz         ($0 - 2014 1 clicked it.) novella
6.    Free Fall                             Suzanne Brockmann   (1.99)  novella
7.    Jilted                                      Rachael Johns           (NetGalley)
8.  The Littlest Cowboy           Maggie Shayne          ($0 - Sept 2014 1 clicked it.)
9  Teardrop Lane                    Emily March              (NetGalley)
10.  First Frost                            Sarah Addison Allen   (NetGalley)
11. The Marriage Charm        Linda Lael Miller (NetGalley)
12. The Unexpected Consequences of Love   Jill Mansell (NetGalley)
13. The Nightingale                 Kristin Hannah    (NetGalley)
14. The Secrets of Midwives    Sally Hepworth   (NetGalley)
15.  The Girls of Mischief Bay    Susan Mallery   (NetGalley)
16.  First Time in Forever        Sarah Morgan      (NetGalley)
17.  The Road to Hope     Rachael Johns   (NetGalley)
18.  Intensive Care    Nicki Edwards   (NG)


  1. So glad you are joining us!! You have a great goal and I think we all have books on our e-readers that have been there WAY to long :) Good Luck with your goals!!!

  2. This is a challenge I should join. I try to read from the oldest titles first but still there are many in my Kindle library. I keep my ereader number at about 150 with review books and some in folders that I have set up hoping to read. Good luck with meeting your challenge goal.

  3. HAHA! It always throws me off that y'all are in the summer. Well thanks for joining us just the same ;) Good luck with your goals - they're a lot like mine!

    1. Thanks Berls - looking forward to reading through a few ebooks and joining in the fun.


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