December 20, 2014

Color Coded Reading Challenge 2015

This challenge is being hosted by My Reader's Block  and after a little scavenging around I think I will be able to start this challenge and then be on the look out for ones I don't have.  I want to read books I like so I will be on the look out for ones that suit.  Head on over to obtain the full details.

"The Color Coded Challenge seems to be as popular as ever, so we're going to give it another go. This year I'm going to open things up a bit more--the color may either be named in the title or it may appear as the dominant color for the cover of the book. For "implies color" the image implying color should dominate the cover--for instance a large rainbow, a field of flowers, or the image of a painter."

*Read nine books in the following categories. I have added in those I might read.

1. A book with "Blue"or any shade of Blue (Turquoise, Aquamarine, Navy, etc)in the title/on the cover.
Baltimore Blues        Laura Lippman    read in February

2. A book with "Red" or any shade of Red (Scarlet, Crimson, Burgandy, etc) in the title/on the cover.
Written in Red  - Anne Bishop.

3. A book with "Yellow" or any shade of Yellow (Gold, Lemon, Maize, etc.)
Up At Butternut Creek.   Mary McNeer

4. A book with "Green" or any shade of Green (Emerald, Lime, Jade, etc) in the title/on the cover.
Bitter Greens by Kate Forsyth

5. A book with "Brown" or any shade of Brown (Tan, Chocolate, Beige, etc)
Julia's Chocolates by Cathy Lamb

6. A book with "Black" or any shade of Black (Jet, Ebony, Charcoal, etc) in the title/on the cover.
Black Hills.  Nora Roberts  Read in February

7. A book with "White" or any shade of White (Ivory, Eggshell, Cream, etc)
White Balance   Ainslie Paton    Read in March
8. A book with any other color in the title/on the cover (Purple, Orange, Silver, Pink, Magneta, etc.).
Silver Thaw  by Catherine Anderson  -  read in February

9. A book with a word that implies color (Rainbow, Polka-dot, Plaid, Paisley, Stripe, etc.).
Outback Blaze by Rachael Johns    (Blaze implies a very bright display of light or color).

Listed are the possible books - I may find others, but these are all ones I intended to read, either on my TBR or wishlist, so this challenge pushes me into reading them.


  1. I am thinking about doing this challenge but I already doing like 3 challenges!!!

    1. Viki
      I have entered at least 10! But many cross post. And I am now as of last week retired, so I am going to have more time to read, I am thinking!

    2. Good job on retiring. 10 challenges wow!! I am thinking of doing this challenge but first need to see what books can I use!!!

  2. I only did one read a thon and it was an utter failure. This looks fun though. I like the concept of colored names.

  3. What an amazing list you've compiled! Good luck with your reading challenge.


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