December 11, 2014

New To You Reading Challenge 2015

New to You Reading Challenge

New To You Reading Challenge includes new to you authors, new genres, starting a new series, debut novels... anything that's new to you.  Herding Cats is hosting it.

I am going to go for 24 new to you.  (Level 3)

I'll add them in here as I read them.

1.  One Plus One     Jojo Moyes       new author to me.
2. The Littlest Cowboy  Maggie Shayne.   new author to me
3.  Bride Flight   Marieke van der Pol   new to me author
4.  Dark Witch   Nora Roberts        new start to a trilogy
5.  The Unexpected Consequences of Love     Jill Mansell      new author to me
6.  Sea of Love     Susan Donovan     new start to trilogy
7.  Ten Tiny Breaths    K A Tucker   new author to me
8.  The Secrets of Midwives    Sally Hepworth   new author
9.   Silver Thaw            Catherine Anderson       first in a new series
10.  Looking For Me    Beth Hoffman            new author to me
11.  Snowy River Man  Lizzy Chandler          new author first published novella
12.  The Girls of Mischief Bay   Susan Mallery   1st in series
13.  First Time in Forever       Sarah Morgan      1st in series   Puffin Island
14.  Baltimore Blues     Laura Lippman     new to me author and 1st in series
15.  Intensive Care   Nicki Edwards      new to me author
16.  Thief With No Shadow   Emily Gee   new to me author
17.  The Madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie    Jennifer Ashley   1st in series
18.  The Luckiest Lady in London   Sherry Thomas    new author to me
19.  The Settling Earth  Rebecca Burns   new author to me
20.  Written in Red  Anne Bishop    new author to me and 1st in series
21   Before The Storm   Diane Chamberlain   1st in two part series.
22.  The Martian    Andy Weir   new author
23.  The Little Paris Bookshop.  Nina George
24.   One Summer in Venice   Nicky Pellegrino

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