December 4, 2014

The Eclectic Reader Challenge 2015

I am joining up again for 2015 for The Eclectic Reader Challenge.  

You can read the full details over at Book'd Out blog.  Here are  a list of the kind of books for the challenge with some of the ones I might read for it added in.

1.   Retelling (of fairytale, myth or legend)                  
Bitter Greens by Kate Forsyth

2.   A book set in a country starting with S       Scotland.
                                                  My Very Best Friend  Cathy Lamb

3.   PI Crime                                                  
Baltimore Blues by Laura Lippman

4.   A novel published before you were born      
West of Pecos    Zane Grey

5.   Contemporary romance   
Jilted.   Rachael Johns                  

6.   Fiction for foodies                              
Secret of Everything   Barbara O'Neal

7.   Microhistory                       (non-fiction)
                                                           Clean  Katherine Ashenburg

8.   SF set in space                                  

9.  Sports (fiction or non fiction)            
Raw - Martin Crowe

10. Featuring Diversity               Passing Through Perfect.   Bette Lee Crosby

11.  Epistolary Fiction                            
Where'd You Go Bernadette   Maria Semple

12.  Middle Grade/YA Adventure  
Sidekick     Auralee Wallace       


  1. Hello. Good luck on the challenge.
    It looks like it's not for me. Already through my A to Z countries challenge (doing second edition in 2015 with 12 books) or through your blog I read broader. One thing is "going outside comfort zones" and another is "reading genres you don't like" (here: romance and ya). I'm writing this to let you know that I liked your challenge for those reasons. It was general enough to go broader, and if you wanted a romance, you could still read that, but you weren't forced.

    If you'd be interested in general challenge, reading global writers, check this challenge:


    1. Thank you, I like this particular challenge as it does make me read something different. Although general challenges do entice me as well.

  2. Some great choices Kathryn - especially Bitter Greens - I loved it!

    Shelleyrae @ Book'd Out

    1. Yes I have heard great things about Bitter Greens from bloggers.

  3. Great to see Canadian author, LM Montgomery's Tangled Web on your list ;)


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