January 31, 2015

2015 Bookish Resolutions Update One.

This challenge is being hosted by Michelle @ Because Reading and Laura trips down imagination road.  You can read the full details by clicking on the badge above.

My Bookish Goals

1. Complete all the reading challenges I have signed up to for 2015.
I've made a good start to the reading challenges and am happy with where I am at, at this point in the year!

2.  Ensure I post all book reviews to Amazon and Goodreads as well as on my blog.
I've set up a spreadsheet in Google Docs so that I can visually see what I have posted and where.  This has helped me remember and when I notice there is a gap I can then go in and add reviews to where I may have missed.  Up to date at present.

3.  Visit and comment on ten different reading blogs per week in 2015. (Does not include meme commenting)
I think I have done this although I just noticed the wording yesterday - 10 different  blogs! So I have set up  something to help me track and be more sure that I am achieving the goal.

4.  Limit spending on books by checking at the library first for a book.  Track my spending on books and see what I do spend over a year - this does not include Audible credits or book gift vouchers received.

I am tracking what I buy and spend and when I read it, all within the same spreadsheet where I am recording where I have placed my reviews.  I did check library first.

Books Purchased in January
Silver Thaw   Catherine Anderson - paperback
Fatal Scandal      Marie Force - Kindle and now already read.
House Broken Sonja Yoerg - Kindle
Hero Duty  Jenny Schwartz  - Kindle
Scarlett  Marissa Meyer - Kindle, it was on special!

Total spent in January
In U.S dollars $21.72  which is about $29.94 NZ dollars

My Not So Bookish Goal

5.  Try a new meal recipe at least once a fortnight.  ( I am such a boring cook!)

The weather has been very hot and not conducive to cooking. However I did try a chicken recipe and a meat loaf recipe.  Both were okay but wouldn't use them again.  So hopefully I find something nicer for February.


  1. Such great goals! I love the cooking one for a none-bookish goal, and the idea of a cross posting spreadsheet is awesome! Might need to start doing that myself !

    1. Thanks Laura, cooking is specially challenging goal for me because I am not a great food lover, Just will eat whats there.

  2. Well done on doing so well on your goals! I use a spreadsheet to track my reads too and I have a section for posting to GR, Amazon and NetGalley. It just makes it easier to see what I've done. But I'm lazy about posting to Amazon to be honest.
    I've been trying new recipes this year too and I love that I've spiced up my menus a bit!

    1. Yes I already have found the spreadsheet helpful, it jogs my memory. I still need to spice up my menus, I have some sisters who are great cooks and love new recipes, me - too busy reading!

  3. Great set of goals! I am usually pretty good about putting reviews on Amazon and Goodreads at the same time I post them to my blog. It just gets a little trickier when I don't post a review of a certain book. I do have a GR shelf for "to be reviewed" to remind myself of what I still need to do. I like your idea of a Google Sheets document. I have one for ARCs to keep track of what I have read, whether feedback/reviews have been sent to what sources, pub date, etc.

    1. Yes it just needs some kind of check up, and up until now I just did by memory and often that failed so this year a tangible reminder has helped.

  4. Great job so far! I like the cooking goal, you will have to share the recipes when you find some good ones. Good luck in February!


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