February 28, 2015

Bookish Resolutions 2015 February Update

Bookish Goals:

Limit spending on books by checking at the library first for a book.  Track my spending on books and see what I do spend over a year - this does not include Audible credits or book gift vouchers received.

I did  check at the library but ran into a couple of tattered, grimy copies of books I wasn't prepared to read!  

Blackpeak Vines     Holly Ford (NZ author)  NZ$30 - Paperback.
Heavenly Hirani's School of Laughing Yoga  Sarah-Kate Lynch (NZ author) NZ$30 - Paperback
Bought books above with $50 gift voucher so cost me $10 all up!
The Wreck  by Marie Force  US $0.77c  ebook.
And I Love Her  by Marie Force NZ $9.86 paperback - pre order for next in Green Mountain series.
The Arrangement  by Mary Balogh  U. S. $5.95 ebook
The Passion of Patrick MacNeill by Virginia Kantra  - free
Portrait in Death  J. D. Robb   U.S. $7.55 - ebook
The Dysfunctional Test   Kelly Moran  U.S. $4.40 - ebook

Total spent:  in NZ dollars - $44.60 plus 3 extra credits at Audible - NZ$46.76
                   = $91.36
How quickly book spending adds up!

Complete all the reading challenges I have signed up to for 2015.
Still on target for reading challenges for 2015.  Didn't get quite as involved as I would have liked in the Coyer Challenge but did complete the books I aimed for.

Ensure I post all book reviews to Amazon and Goodreads as well as on my blog.
Now very on track since I set up my spreadsheet.

Visit and comment on ten different reading blogs per week in 2015. (Does not include meme commenting)
I set up a spreadsheet for this to check up on myself so that I have actual proof I am meeting my goal.  I count ten and then don't worry about counting for the rest of the week.

My Not So Bookish Goal
Try a new meal recipe at least once a fortnight.  ( I am such a boring cook!)

Failed abysmally - I am just so not into food. Oh well, maybe in March.


  1. If you are finding your library to be yucky, ask the librarians for help. They might belong to a network of libraries and you can put books on hold online. That's what I do, then I pick them up when they have 3 or more. I like your idea of keeping a spreadsheet for visits and challenges. I try to visit all the blogs on my reading list when they update and for memes I usually do 10 , following a different little pattern of my own making, like people who linked after me, people with no name in their blog title, people who use the @ symbol when they signed tthe Linky, etc. that way I'm not always hitting the same ones.

    1. Love that idea for comments on memes. Yes we do have a network of libraries and its those ones - only a couple mind you just recently- that have been yucky. Generally the ones at my library are okay and I can look before I check out!

  2. Great job on your challenges. I have slacked off a little with mine. I need to do more!

  3. I'm glad you showed the US currency. It looks like you got some great deals! Good luck meeting your goals. Your tracking system sounds good.


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