February 5, 2015

New Zealand Author Giveaway

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In New Zealand our national celebration day is the 6th of February - it is called Waitangi Day in remembrance of the Treaty that was signed in 1840 between the British Crown and the local Maori chiefs.

This year to mark this day on my blog I am giving a fiction book by a New Zealand author ( of your choice). There will be one  book for international readers and one for New Zealanders or those living in New Zealand.

Here are some that I have enjoyed in the past.

Essie Summers
Wrote romance and I devoured many of her books when I was much younger.

Keri Hulme  Bone People

I was gifted this book in 1984 when it first came out.  I was entranced by it, once I got into it I couldn't stop. I haven't reread it since but I must dig my copy out from my shelves and reread it some time. This is the first edition cover which I have.
Bone People went on to win the Man Booker prize 1985 - I'd read it by then and I usually am not that fond of award books!

Sherryl Caulfield says of it:
The quintessential New Zealand novel about an artist, a battered Maori and a shipwrecked, autistic boy on New Zealand’s West Coast. A must read.

Janet Frame
1924 - 2004
I've read a few of Janet Frame's books my favourite being the three books that are like an autobiography.   Sadly in moving around in my life I left these books behind me inadvertently.   I always loved the small anecdote about her when she trained to be a teacher but walked out of the school on the first day by morning tea I think and never came back.

These days here are a few of the present day New Zealand authors I've read.

Nalini Singh.
I know is Fijian Indian but she came to New Zealand when she was ten so I am counting her as a New Zealander!
I adore her Psy/Changeling series and very much like the Guild Hunters series as well.  Even if you are not a paranormal reader give her a go.  I wasn't into paranormal really until I read her books.  She broadened my genre reading a little!

Sarah-Kate Lynch.  I have reviewed her The Wedding Bees on Book Date and I have a couple more of hers planned to read this year I hope.  I have at least 3 of her books in my TBR pile.

Kate de Goldi is a NZ author who writes YA and MG mostly I think. I have read a couple of her books and loved them.  The 10PM Question was one I enjoyed very much a couple of years ago.

Tracey Alvarez writes hot contemporary romance and In Too Deep is the first one in her series. 

Goodreads has lists of many more New Zealand authors in case you would like to explore. Juliet Marillier has been mentioned to me by Sheree over at The Eclectic Reader  Juliet M. lives in Australia but was born and educated in NZ.  It looks like she writes fantasy fiction and I have marked the first in a series to read. So an author who is a New Zealander but living overseas I have decided still can be counted in the giveaway.
Holly Ford has written a couple of romance novels and I have Blackpeak Vines in my TBR list and will pick up the first one from the library at some point.

While there is no need to comment to enter the giveaway if you read a book or heard of a book you'd recommend that is written by a New Zealand author please do share.

Giveaway will run from February 5th to February 10th.
One book for international readers and one for those who live in New Zealand.  Winner may choose any book written by a New Zealand author of their choice, so long as it can be bought! One entry per person.


  1. Happy Waitangi Day! Great giveaway and thanks for the recommendations. If you and Sherryl are singing the praises of The Bone People then I have to read it. Every time I visit your blog it reminds me I want to get back to Nalini's psy/changeling series (I think I'm up to book 4 or 5) ... I even have them waiting on my bookshelf and kindle so I have no excuse.

    I left 2 suggestions of Juliet M's on your Monday post ... loved them.

  2. Happy Waitangi Day! A couple of New Zealand authors have piqued my interest..mainly in the crime genre including Vanda Symon, Paul Cleave and Paddy Richardson. I've also heard of Fiona Kidman who I beleive is a popular NZ author but never read anything by her. I have read Danielle Hawkins two contemporary novels both of which I enjoyed. And I've read Julliet Marillers Shadowfell series and a couple of Nalini's series.

    1. Thanks Shellyrae, I have not read a Fiona Kidman either, maybe one day. I must check out the others as well, trying to add a little more NZ to my reading diet in small portions!


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