March 31, 2015

Month in Review March 2015

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Welcome in, do join me by sharing your link to your look back at this month. I'm looking forward to visiting and seeing what everyone has been up to.  The link will be open for you to share your post whenever you post over the next few days.  Do visit each others' posts.

Total books read this month: 21

Audio Books Read:
Angel Mine      Sherryl Woods
Written in Red    Anne Bishop
The Martian              Andy Weir   Review pending                        

Ebooks Read
The Luckiest Lady in London      Sherry Thomas
Jubilee's Journey      Bette Lee Crosby
The Settling Earth     Rebecca Burns
White Balance     Ainslie Paton
The Arrangement    Mary Balogh
The Settling Earth    Rebecca Burns
Never Too Late         Robyn Carr
Insecure                    Ainslie Paton  Review pending
Marking Time           Marie Force    Review pending

Paperbacks Read
Thief With No Shadow    Emily Gee
The Last Time I Was Me    Cathy Lamb
By Bread Alone       Sarah-Kate Lynch
Outback Blaze    Rachael Johns
By Bread Alone       Sarah-Kate Lynch
Outback Blaze          Rachael Johns
Before the Storm      Diane Chamberlain
Shadow Spell            Nora Roberts
The Little Paris Bookshop Nina George  review pending

Top Books for March

Written in Red  by Anne Bishop.   Audiobook
The Last Time I Was Me    Cathy Lamb
The Little Paris Bookshop   Nina George

Incoming Books.

Paperback Books Purchased:
Last Kiss  Luanne Rice
The Perfect Summer Luanne Rice.  (Both second hand)
Firefly Beach    Luanne Rice - new.

E Books Purchased:
Forgotten Sins  by Rebecca Zanetti

Library Books: 
None this month!  Was taking part in the March TBR Challenge, over at Caffeinated Reviewer,  so was reading as much as I could from my own books.  Planned to read thirteen from my TBR and just made it by skin of my teeth!

Books coming from NetGalley or Edelweiss
The Guest Cottage  by Nancy Thayer due out in May
I'll Stand By You by Sharon Sala due out in July
Only We Know by Victoria Purman due out in May
The Lake Season by Hannah Robert McKinnon due out in June

Accepted to review
The Little Paris Bookshop  Nina George - paperback from Hachette NZ

Audio Books 
Safe Harbor    Luanne Rice

Still The One.  Jill Shalvis - Animal Magnetism series.  Due out in April

Book Spending
In New Zealand dollars:  $38.95   which is about $29.19 in U.S. dollars.  I did spend a little on some non-fiction books too, but not counting that here, as I won't be reviewing them, they're more like reflective reading for me!  One on retirement, another by Pema Chodron and a book called Write it Down, Make It Happen - a goal setting book.

Blog Tip
The one I liked best this month was from Anna over at Herding Cats and Burning Soup. How to Make Unclickable Images.  I used it to make my March image  non clickable.  Thanks Anna.

So how did your reading month pan out?


  1. Your list is so organized, and I really like that you included a Top Books of the Month section, I might have to add that to mine in April.

    1. Whitney, the problem is naming the top ones! Some readers get it down to one, but I find that really difficult.

  2. Wow 21 books!!! I am hoping to join this linkup sometime this afternoon. I see you got luanne rice books. Last kiss is a good one.

    1. Yes went on a buying spree for all her books in this series after reading Beach Girls and fell in love! Will hopefully enjoy them all!

    2. I have not read a luanne rice book that I didn't love!!!

    3. I know! Her The Lemon Orchard was great and got me started looking more at her writing, although I had read another one, don't remember the name but had an ice hockey guy in it!!

  3. 21 books!! That's so awesome!! I am excited about the Nancy Thayer book. It sounds like the perfect summer read, and I've never read a book by that author. I've also heard that Zanetti's books are really good!

    1. Brandi I heard from Anna at Herding Cats and Burning Soup that they are good so decided I'd try this first one!

  4. Wow! You've had a busy month! I plan to link up tomorrow morning - Virginia/USA time.

    1. Great Pat. I know this time difference thing is such a nuisance!! I'm sitting here in April now. That's why I see this as sort of a week party!

  5. You certainly did get a lot of reading done this month! You must be a quick reader!
    I'm going to have to check out that un-clickable image post.
    I've linked up my blog post! Thanks for hosting!

    1. Candy - when you are home like me all day, plenty of time for reading! When I am not figuring out other stuff! Thanks for joining in.

  6. Amazing month for books! Happy April reading!

    1. Thanks Freda and a Happy April reading to yourself too.

  7. Wow...what a great reading month for you!!! I'll have to put the new Nancy Thayer on reserve at the library - I love listening to her books on audio! I agree with you and Viki - love Luanne Rice and haven't met a book of hers that I didn't like yet. Loved her Beach Girls book...I think they made that into a tv movie or miniseries here in the states a while back. Just finished reading Robyn Carr's newest one, Never Too Late - another author you can't go wrong with!

    Thanks again for putting this meme together and hosting it. I can't wait to visit everyone's post!!!

    1. Kristin - I learned all this from you! Just by studying your blog I feel like you are my model and mentor!! I was besotted by Beach Girls and had to go get all the books in this beach series. Thanks for joining in.

  8. Looks like you had a great month! I'm really behind on my reading goals, so need to carve out some time. Should be easier now that Bloggiesta is over, as I was spending a lot of last week working on my blog. Thanks for putting this meme together, and I'm looking forward to reading everyone's posts!

    Terri @ Alexia's Books and Such...

    1. Terri yes bloggiesta ate into reading in the last week. Thanks for joining in, looking forward to visiting your post.

  9. Looks like you had a good month! I love how your list is organized. It may take a few months before I get a format that I like for my post.

    Fun meme! You got great participation!

    Joy's Book Blog

    1. I am still playing around with my format. Thanks for all your support Joy. I never even intended doing your challenge and then got hooked in!

  10. Holy moly, 21 books! I read 17 and that is more than I have read in a month in a long time. Kudos on getting so many books read, I still haven't read my copy of Written in Red *rolls eyes*

    1. A pleasure in store for you Sarah with Written in Red.

  11. That is some awesome reading! I'm so jealous! I think I managed, erm, 14? It was a very slow reading month. Not bad on book spending either! And thanks for the post shout out :) That was so nice of you :)

    1. 14 is enormously good. I know if at least I note my book spending it keeps me honest, I can easily pile it up. (Eye roll). That was a great tip, I loved it.

  12. You had a great month in reading Kathryn! Congrats on the launch of your meme. :)


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