April 21, 2015

Sense and Sensibility Joanna Trollope

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Sense and Sensibility
Joanna Trollope
Published: Harper Collins
Date: 2013
Format: Paperback
Pages: 362
Genre: Contemporary Fiction
Source: Own book
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When their father unexpectedly dies, the three Dashwood girls—Elinor, Marianne and Margaret—must face the harsh reality of a life where they no longer have the home or the financial security that they have always taken for granted. As they come to terms with life without the comforts of either their country house or an inheritance, Elinor, a sensible architecture student, and Marianne, a passionate, musical free spirit, are also confronted by a world where their choices are abruptly limited by their new and alarming circumstances.

With her trademark insight and wit, Joanna Trollope has brought Austen’s characters and their story into the 21st century. In the timeless spirit of their creator, she casts a clever, gently satirical eye on Elinor and Marianne as they are forced to navigate the modern world and the search for love.

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This book by Joanna Trollope is a modern retelling of Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen. To me it almost felt like the historical setting of that book, except for the modern trappings of life, such as texting, email, and Facebook being involved.

Elinor is the sensible one, Marianne rather given to being over whelmed and lacking sense when it comes to the care of herself, frequently finds herself being overcome by asthma attacks.  She is taken for a ride by a scoundrel called Wills and while she looks down her nose at Bill Brandon who is so boring and sensible.  Elinor is attracted to Edward, who is somewhat a bit dithery, but eventually gets it together.

There is a whole cast of characters, who speak like the upper class in England.  Some reminded me of the people from the TV show Miranda.  Fanny Ferrars is particularly well drawn, a more snobbish person you wouldn't ever meet, she is married to the half brother of Elinor and Marianne, and he is another complete dill.

I think Joanna Trollope did a very good rendition of a modern day Sense and Sensibility, although I was on the whole not fully in love with the book.  I mainly read it because of the author's name and I also picked it up at a second hand book fair!

3.5 stars


  1. I might give this book a shot! I like Austen retellings. Although, Sense&Sensibilty is not my favourite.

  2. I wonder if I started with this, then Sense and Sensibility would be an easier read for me. LOL.
    Missie @ A Flurry of Ponderings

    1. Hmm! Not sure, to be honest not a big Austen fan, except for a couple of books.

  3. I'm not sure this is for me but I'd like to try the author. Do you have one that you'd recommend?

  4. I have never read/listened a retelling of Sense ans Sensibility, but I think the English snobbish dialog would drive me crazy on the audiobook..lol. I'm glad you enjoyed it :)
    Thank you.

  5. I've read a few retellings, but never a retelling of one of Jane Austen's books. I was mostly a fan of the Bronte sisters growing up, but this sounds like a fun one! I like the idea of a historical-ish setting brought into the 21st century :)

    Sarah @ One Curvy Blogger


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