May 26, 2015

Jericho. Ginger Jamison

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Ginger Jamison
Published: Kimani Press
Date: 2014
Format: Paperback
Pages: 330
Genre: Contemporary romance
Source: Own book
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Georgia Williams has traveled a hard road from sheltered preacher's daughter to struggling single mother. Determined to build a secure future for her baby girl, she takes a job as a night nurse at Jericho Military Hospital. But her precarious world shifts yet again when she meets her newest patient.

A marine who nearly died fighting for his country, Lieutenant Christian Howard is a man of duty, honor...and deep desires. Something about the scarred war hero touches Georgia, awakening feelings she's tried to keep hidden. One passionate night together changes everything, erupting with consequences neither could have foreseen. Now Georgia faces the most momentous decision of her life. Should she trust Christian, a man she barely knows, with the devastating secrets from her past? Could this be a love that will heal and save them both?
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I saw a review somewhere for Jericho by Ginger Jamison and decided it sounded interesting. I think it was in the Romantic Times where it was a top pick.  I have just got around to reading it and thoroughly enjoyed it.  It is a romance with great character exploration, a plot that kept me engaged and excellent writing.

Georgia is a very spunky young mother, caring for her delightful little daughter and as well working nights as a nurse at Jericho Military Hospital.  She is beloved by the patients because of her kindness and caring.  It is there that she meets Christian and soon a relationship starts to build.  However Georgia is in danger of losing her job when seen kissing Christian.

Christian on discharge finds that he needs to find Georgia and from there, the relationship develops further.  However Christian is somewhat unsure of Georgia, is she with him because she needs to be or could she possibly love him.  As well Christian struggles with what he will do from now on in, to find purpose in life - does that involve going back to the war front?

Christian has no family, he still carries guilt about his parents dying.  Georgia was cast out by her family when she accused a family friend of rape - resulting in a child.  Her 'religious pastor father' will have nothing to do with her and forbids the others as well.  This is a heavy weight that Georgia carries.

I enjoyed watching the relationships pan out, the struggles with various feelings of anger, guilt, loneliness and the possibility of forgiveness. The minor characters added a richness to the mix, all in all a very good read.

4 stars


  1. Sounds like some heavy themes there, (not that I mind that) and for such a pretty cover. I've not come across this one or heard of the author before now.

  2. Sheree I hadn't heard of her either but I get the digital Romantic Times and I think that is where I learned of the book last year, so I decided to try it.


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