May 22, 2015

Sweet Tea at Sunrise. Sherryl Woods

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Sweet Tea at Sunrise
Sherryl Woods
Published: MIRA
Date: 2010
Format: Paperback
Pages: 389
Genre: Contemporary romance
Source: Local library
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Emotionally wounded single mom Sarah Price has come home to Serenity, South Carolina, for a fresh start. With support from her two best friends; the newest generation of the Sweet Magnolias; she can face any crisis.

But sometimes a woman needs more than even treasured friends can provide. Sexy Travis McDonald may be exactly what Sarah's battered self-confidence requires. The newcomer is intent on getting Sarah to work at his fledgling radio station; and maybe into his bed, as well.

Sarah has learned not to trust sweet words. She'll measure the man by his actions. Is Travis the one to heal her heart? Or will he break it again?
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Sweet Tea at Sunrise is #6 in the Sweet Magnolia series.  It is the second one in a trilogy about the younger generation in this South Carolina town.  It is the story of Sarah, friend of Annie and Raylene who is now living with Sarah.

Sarah has come through a difficult divorce, her past husband eroded her self-esteem by continually picking on her and pointing out her faults.  Therefore it is difficult for her to believe it when Travis starts to pay attention to her.  Unlike her past husband - Walter, he has only positive things to say. Will she believe him?

Sarah is a great mother, a forgiving woman and also a talented one.  I loved seeing her go from strength to strength on the new local radio station.  It was also interesting to see how her relationship develops with Travis and alongside that how Walter is tangled up in it all.  Travis' dad is not a great role model and for quite awhile Sarah seems to get mixed up with the idea that the apple does not fall far from the tree!  What is Travis real nature, is he is own man and can Sarah trust him.  I loved Raylene's gentle prodding in this area.  

All the usual characters waft in and out of the story, it seems a lot of them are pregnant, so the town is soon to have a boost in population.  Sherryl Woods always writes a good story and this one is just that.

3.5 stars

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  1. Thanks for your great review Kathryn. This sounds like a novel I would enjoy. I'm already rooting for Sarah.


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