September 29, 2015

Christmas in Mustang Creek. Linda Lael Miller

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Christmas in Mustang Creek
Linda Lael Miller
Published: Harlequin
Date: September 29th 2015
Format: e-ARC
Pages: 272
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Source: Little Bird Publicity and Publisher via NetGalley
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Christmas in Mustang Creek is #4 in The Brides of Biss County, and is a delightful shorter story for the Christmas season.

Charlotte is returning home to the small Wyoming town to the house she shared with her aunt since childhood. Her aunt is now in a home, because she has a little dementia.  Residing in the house is the warm, rather mysterious Mrs Klozz. (say her name out loud and you'll get the idea). A little Disney, but kinda sweet. She certainly has the Christmas spirit and is not about doing a little organising so that Charlotte is put in the path of Jax. She and Jax had been an item, but had parted company over a year ago. Now he too has come to the small town to help Nate in his vet practice. Mrs K sees to it that he is right in the action and right in the path of Charlotte.

Want to get into the Christmas spirit - this is an ideal book to put you into the scents and warmth and goodwill of this season. Mrs Klozz is a magical mystery, and she certainly adds to the spirit of Christmas.

There is goodwill aplenty, the small town ambience where everybody knows everything, and of course it has delightful animals, family and a hint of new birth. Some romance too of course.

Save this one up for near Christmas and you will be right there in the spirit of the season.

4 stars


  1. I also enjoyed this one - it was fun to revisit Mustang Creek.

  2. Sounds like a good story. Do you need to read the other ones to understand this story?

    1. I really think this could work as a stand alone. Sure the other characters from the previous books make small appearances but doesn't matter I think if haven't read them.

  3. Hi Kathryn, I've enjoyed the others in this series and am looking forward to this one too!
    Great review, thanks!

  4. swoon i absolutely love small town romances, cannot wait to read this one!

  5. I have this one though I'm saving it until after Halloween. This is a series I've really been looking forward to and this sounds absolutely perfect for Christmas.

  6. Looking forward to going back to Mustang Creek.

  7. It does sound sweet but I haven't read this series and I've got Christmas reads I didn't get to last year lol so I will be strong and resist :)

    1. I think this one falls out of your reading delectables anyway. Gosh we can't read everything, I am almost scared to visit new blogs because of all the books I'll hear about!!

  8. Sounds like one of those Hallmark Christmas movies which I'm a sucker for. Just perfect for getting into the Christmas mood with!

  9. Oh fun! I love her Christmasy ones. Definitely adding this to my Christmas reading :D


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