September 14, 2015

The Summer's End. Mary Alice Monroe

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The Summer's End
Mary Alice Monroe
Published: Blackstone Audio
Date: 2015
Format: Audiobook
Narrator: Mary Alice Monroe
Length: 12 hrs and 11min
Genre: Women's Fiction
Source: Own book
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It is summer's end, and Sea Breeze, the family's beloved estate on Sullivan's Island, must be sold. It is an emotional time of transition as Mamaw and the three sisters each must face loss and find a new place in the world.

Harper, the youngest sister, arrives at Sea Breeze intending to stay only a weekend. But a rift with her wealthy, influential mother leaves her without direction or a home. During this remarkable summer, free from her mother's tyranny and with the help of her half sisters, Harper discovers her talents and independent spirit. But summer is ending, and the fate of Sea Breeze hinges on her courage to decide the course of her own life. To do so she must release her insecurities and recognize her newfound strengths. Harper must accept love fully into her life - the love of Mamaw, Carson, and Dora, the love of Sea Breeze and the lowcountry, and most of all the love of a wounded warrior who has claimed her heart.
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The third book of a summer with a Grandmother and her three grand-daughters, all half sisters. They have shared the same father (Mamaw's son) but have different mothers.  They are all quite different, have bonds that draw them together although at times there are tensions between them.

This book is essentially Harper's one. However each of these books build on one another as the three girls develop and grow as people.  It is definitely a series that needs to be read in order as the struggles and challenges go from one book to the next.

Harper has come from a wealthier background compared to the other two girls, yet she has an ice queen for a mother. One who tries to control her and is unable to let her go.  Just as well Mamaw is such a warm mothering character or where would Harper be.

In this  book the reality of needing to sell Sea Breeze the home that they all love bites in.  Each one as well must take the next step in their journey.  And that's where The Summer's End brings this phase of their lives to a close, so that they can open on to a new one.

Again I enjoyed the author's narration.  While she didn't always have a distinctive voice for each character, her phrasing and understanding of the characters shone through.

I believe there is at least one more in this series, titled Low Country Wedding due to publish May 2016. I wonder whose wedding it will be!

4 stars


  1. I enjoyed your review Kathryn. I enjoyed the southern charm in this series.

    1. Thanks Pat, I thought this one was the last one - that it was a trilogy. Now I see one more!! More to be told.

  2. This sounds lovely and like the kind of book I'd enjoy. I like the connection between granddaughters and grandmothers and the whole half sister thing. I have one of Monroe's books but haven't gotten to it yet. I'll have to add this to the stack!

    1. A really nice women's fiction series Katherine.

  3. I made a commitment to read this series over the summer. I've just started The Summer's End this week (technically a week late although I live in the south so it's certainly still summer-like most days). I've enjoyed it, and Harper was one of my favorites of the sisters, so I'm looking forward to finishing up.

    1. I liked them all but Harper is great. I wonder if its her wedding in the next book!

  4. Sounds good :) Nice for summer too


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