October 6, 2015

A Window Opens. Elisabeth Egan

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A Window Opens
Elisabeth Egan
Published: Simon and Shuster
Date: 25th August 2015
Format: e-ARC
Pages: 384
Genre: Women's Fiction
Source: Publisher via NetGalley
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Alice is the main character in a Window Opens by Elisabeth Egan. The story is told in the 1st person.  She is a mother of three, a wife to Nicholas. Her parents live nearby and her Dad has  an illness that has robbed him of his voice, but not his fun with texting.

When Nicholas decides to begin out on his own and hang up his lawyer's shingle for himself, Alice is worried about the finances and decides to seek a job of her own.

She lands a job at Scroll - a place that wants to be cutting edge in book sharing with the public. It seems after jumping through the hoops Alice is the one they want on board.  As time goes by Alice begins to ask herself is this what she really wants? Her hours are long and she is losing touch with her children. Also Nicholas has difficulties of his own.

While Scroll sounds like 'the place to be', all I could think of was the story of The Emperor's New Clothes. It also reminded me of some work places today, it was eerily accurate and captures what is happening in more than one work place. It was worth reading the book for its ironic viewpoint.

When Alice's father takes a turn for the worse the exploration of sickness and what follows is very real.  That's what I liked about this book, it is so exactly what happens in life. It is also thought provoking and perceptive.

I also liked the small windows of insight that Alice gains and the ultimate choices she makes. Book lovers will enjoy this book, as it is somewhat set in the world of books and Alice's love of reading and bed time stories are honoured.

This is a debut novel, one very worth reading. I will definitely be reading the next book by this author. I trust there will be one!
4 stars
Meet Elisabeth Egan in this short video.


  1. I loved this one, too. Who doesn't enjoy a book about bookstores, etc.? Thanks for sharing.

  2. looks interesting, i like books that follow what could actually happen in life due to certain events so that's awesome

  3. Great review Kathryn it sounds like my kind of book and yay for me it's available here in the US :)

  4. I really liked this one. Other than the fact that it is set in the bookworld, the whole storyline with the ailing father really got to me.

    1. Yes, loved the Dad. Didn't want to say too much about him so as not to give away the story line.

  5. I still need to read this and your review makes me want to pick it up soon. Sounds like a book I'd enjoy.

  6. I'm intrigued, obviously book world calls my name but it's your comments about the Emperor's New Clothes, irony, illness and bedtime stories that have me jumping over to Audible ... and it's available :)
    Thanks Kathryn!

    1. Would be interesting to listen to. I saw a few reviews for this and rushed off to NetGalley to get it, Think it was one of those Read Now ones. Certainly was a good read.

  7. Well, you know I loved this one, and your comparison to the Emperor's New Clothes is right on. I really enjoyed her dad, too, although I didn't write about him in my review. The book had so many good elements it was hard to choose which to write about. I hint I wrote something about that, how there was something for everyone in this book. Just finished another goodie, The Bronte Affair by Katherine Reay, full of literary references and bookish things, not necessarily Bronte. Still available on NetGalley.

    1. Yea, a rich book and it was your review that sent me scurrying to get it. So happy I read it. I am not going for too many review books at the moment but will certainly keep my eye out for your review of The Bronte Affair.


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