October 7, 2015

Home For Christmas. Lily Everett

Home for Christmas
Home for Christmas (#4 Sanctuary Island)
Lily Everett
Published: St Martin's Press
Date: 6th October 2015
Format: e-ARC
Pages: 320
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Source: Publisher via NetGalley
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Libby Leeds writes for a magazine, all about her wonderful life on Sanctuary Island where she is an exemplary cook, wife and possibly mother!  All is well with the world except... Libby doesn't actually live where she says she does and her editor has said she must provide a wonderful Christmas for a returned soldier/hero (Owen) and his daughter.  Libby has to agree, because she needs to pay for the care of her Uncle Ray who is ill.

Libby does have a grandfather and cousin on Sanctuary Island so she has that going for her, but will that be enough to get her through. As for Owen he wants to connect with the 9 year old daughter Caitlin. He has never met her before. It's somewhat unsettling for Caitlin because for the first time in forever she has found security with his sister  Andi and Sam her partner. (Heartbreak Cove #3). Now she is frightened that Owen will whisk her away or leave her and Sam and Andi won't want her.

As December begins they all find themselves settling in, taking risky steps towards and away from each other.  At times all seems lost and that past hurts and family dissonance from the past will win.

I really liked all the characters, I enjoyed seeing Libby finding her feet, finding her place once more and winning through. I liked the struggle that Owen goes through, overcoming injury and then ultimately making the choice that a soldier/hero must make.

Another character we get to see a little beneath the veneer is Dabney Leeds.  A somewhat grumpy old man, who has wrapped himself up in himself and harbored the hurts of the past. But... he has some surprises coming to him as well as a few of his own.

This story of forgiveness, second chances, love and family is a perfect Christmas story. While it is #4 in the Sanctuary Island series it could be read as a stand alone. If you don't like your stories heavily sexy then this will suit you. For me, it brought alive the perfections and imperfections of the magical season of Christmas.

4 stars


  1. Aw what a set up. I've never read this author before. Thinking I'm gonna need to :)

  2. This actually sounds like something I would like. I think I have to see if my library has any books by this author.

  3. I wanna read an xmas book soon too :)

  4. Oh Wow Kathryn, this is just like the very Old 1945 Movie Christmas in Connecticut -http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0037595/
    And it's on my tbr pile. Lucky for me. Great review you've made me really want to read the book!
    Plus I have an interview scheduled with Lily on the 14th. I'll link your review with the post!

    1. Hmm just had a look - very alike. Now I wanna watch it! Have you seen it? I look forward to the interview and will certainly be over for a read.

    2. Yes Kathryn I'm a hopeless romantic and nostalgic feel good movies are my faves. It's definitely worth a watch!

  5. Great review, Kathryn! I've never heard of this series and now I'm interested in reading it. I think I'll start with book #1 to get a better understanding. Hope you liked the whole series as well as this one. The plot sounds like fun. Thank you!

    1. Rita, I have read #1,3 & 4 in this series. Reading #3 and then #4 would certainly put you in the picture. I've enjoyed them more as the series has gone along. And not too sexy!!

  6. oh so glad you really liked the characters. I love how charming this book sounds. The cover alone <3

  7. A magical Christmas stand alone ... I can handle that. The cover alone makes me go aww, old fashioned sweetness!

    1. I know the cover alone is so what I love to imagine of Christmas - I guess we who never get any snow can only drool!


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