December 19, 2015

Netgalley Reading Challenge 2016

Hosted at Fictively.Com
I do have a good ratio at NetGalley but I like to keep it that way, and also this challenge serves as a tracking post for what I have read and reviewed from NetGalley in the year. I have upped my level to difficult just to make it more of a challenge.

I am going for 31 -40.

How it works

Choose the difficulty level you want. Once January 1st, 2016 arrives, you can begin reading, any books read before will not count. You can continue to request galleys, or you can read the ones you already have. The point is to get your feedback ratio closer to the recommended 80%.
Every 3 months, a  posting an update on her own challenge at Fictively which will also serve as a giveaway post.She will be running 4 giveaways through the year as incentives to be hitting your goals! You must have a post about the challenge which displays which level you have entered for that tracks what books you have read toward that challenge in order to enter the giveaways. You can format the post however you want, but you must include the challenge banner at the top, your challenge level somewhere within the post (you don’t have to use the level graphics), and that has at the very least a list of which books you have read. 


  1. The Things We Keep  Sally Hepworth
  2. Hearth Song   Lois Greiman
  3. Missing Pieces   Heather Gudenkauf
  4. Three Promises   Lily Everett
  5. Another Love  Amanda Prowse
  6. The Friends We Keep Susan Mallery
  7. The Ramblers  Aidan Donnelley Rowley
  8. Flight of Dreams  Ariel Lawhon
  9. The Two-Family House Linda Cohan Loigman
  10. What We Find   Robyn Carr
  11. A Lowcountry Wedding  Mary Alice Monroe
  12. Dear Thing  Julie Cohen
  13. Heart Like Mine   Maggie McGinnis
  14. A Drop in the Ocean Jenni Ogden
  15. From Here to Home Marie Bostwick
  16. Lone Heart Pass   Jodi Thomas
  17. Lies and Other Acts of Love Kristy Woodson Harvey
  18. Reunion Pass   Emily March
  19. A Girl's Guide to Moving On  Debbie Macomber
  20. Outback Sisters   Rachael Johns
  21. The Thing Is  Kathleen Gerard
  22. Last Ride to Graceland  Kim Wright
  23. The Moment She Left  Susan Lewis
  24. I Found You     Lisa Jewell
  25. Sweet Carolina  Morning    Susan Schild
  26. Echoes of Family  Barbara Claypole White
  27. The Promise Kitchen  Peggy Lampman
  28. The Art of Keeping Secrets  Rachael Johns
  29. Christmas in Eternity Springs Emily March
  30. Gaining Visibility   Pamela Hearson
  31. The Christmas Town  Donna VanLiere
  32. A Lowcountry Christmas   Mary Alice Monroe
  33. Jane Steele    Lindsay Faye
  34. Revenants: The Odyssey Home   Scott Kauffman
  35. Miracle on 5th Avenue   Sarah Morgan

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  1. I just found your blog and love all the reading challenges. I am doing a few myself and I'm following you now. Hope you'll check out my page too and follow me.


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