March 1, 2016

Month in Review: February 2016


Welcome in, do join me by sharing your link to your look back at this month. I'm looking forward to visiting and seeing what everyone has been up to.  The link will be open for you to share your post whenever you post over the next few days.  Do visit each others' posts.

Total books read this month: 14 

Book Formats:

Paperback Five
E-Book Five
Audiobook Four
From TBR shelf One
Review Books Nine
From my New Shelf    Zero

Genres Read

Contemporary Romance Zero
Crime/Suspense Two
Fantasy Zero
Women's FictionSeven
Historical Fiction Three
Memoir One
Fiction One

Book Titles:

Promises in Death   J. D. Robb
No Child of Mine   Susan Lewis - audiobook
Another Love  Amanda Prowse
Year of Yes    Shonda Rhimes - audiobook
You and Me Always  Jill Mansell
The Friends We Keep  Susan Mallery
The Last Original Wife  Dorothea Benton Frank
The Ramblers  Aidan Donnelley Rowley
Brotherhood in Death  J. D. Robb
Driftwood Summer  Patti Callahan Henry - audiobook
Flight of Dreams   Ariel Lawhon
Secrets of a Charmed Life  Susan Meissner - audiobook
The Butterfly Summer   Harriet Evans
The Two-House Family  Lynda Cohan Loigman

New to me authors this month: Eight. 
Which equals 57% of my reading for the month.

Top Book for February:

I had many very good reads this month. All my books were either 4, 4.5 or 5. However I did give one book 5 stars, mainly because I was so entertained by the audiobook version. Honestly though every single book this month was worth reading and more.

Year of Yes book cover

Incoming Books.
Paperback Books Purchased:

E Books Purchased:
Once More With Feeling   Emilie Richards
Foxmask        Juliet Marillier

Library Books: 

Thanks to Publishers on NetGalley or Edelweiss
Lone Heart Pass  Jodi Thomas
When We Were Sisters  Emilie Richards
Leave Me   Gayle Forman
Outback Sisters Rachael Johns

Thanks to Hachette NZ
The Butterfly Summer  Harriet Evans
The Loveliest Chocolate Shop in Paris   Jenny Colgan
The Weekends of You and Me   Fiona Walker
Song of the Skylark   Erica James

Nothing this month


So how did your reading month pan out?


  1. I'm always impressed by how productive you are with your reading and, think it is fantastic that you read different formats!

  2. Looks like you had a great reading month. Your incoming books look really great too. Have a great March Kathryn.

  3. You had a great month, Kathryn!!! I read a few of the books on your list and have some of them coming up in my piles! I just started reading The Two-House Family and am going to her book launch next week - I can't wait!!! Hope you have a great March!!!

  4. Great month of reading! When every book is that highly rated, it's a good month. And 8 new authors?! That's so awesome. I've never stopped to think how many new authors I read each month. When I look at my February post, it was 4, which surprises me! More than I thought. And one of them is now one of my new favorites.

  5. Wow great month Kathryn, but how can it be March already!! LOL
    The Susan Mallery is on my list and I'm adding the Patti Callahan Henry since I LOVE her too!

  6. Nice! I had a quiet reading month with around 6 books read (I don't keep track of stats anymore but that sounds about right :) ). I read a few that good books, but nothing stands out at being amazing/5 stars. Hopefully my reading choices in March will be a bit better!

  7. I love how you did your layout and graphics for this post-- very easy to read and understand. Great job with finding new authors! I've been trying to do this lately to get out of my rut. I'm wondering about Emilie Richards, have heard she writes an awesome women's series and the Shondra book-- well I enjoy some of her TV shows, so I guess I'm curious what makes her tick!

  8. I also read 14 books! I like the way you provide a detailed analysis of what you read, authors, etc. Someday I will do that! LOL.

    Enjoy March!

  9. What a great list of books...I fared fairly poorly this month but never make as many reads as you do (I wish I could!)

  10. 14 books is fantastic! Good job!
    Happy March!

  11. wow! I have not read any of your books, but it does look like you had a blast!

  12. You had an awesome month!! I really want to read The Year of Yes- and I think I'll listen to the audiobook because I love them so much and you seemed so pleased with it.

  13. WOW! :D

    You had a GREAT month of reading.

    I am interested in The Ramblers.

  14. Hi,
    You had an awesome month of reading. Haven't read
    any of your books listed. I'll have to check
    them out. Have a great day!

  15. You had a fantastic reading month. How cool that more than half were new to you authors.


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