March 24, 2016

The Song of the Skylark Erica James

Song of the Skylark book cover
Published:Hachette NZ
Date: 8th March
Format: Paperback
Pages: 386
Genre:Blended Historical/Contemporary
Source: Thank you to Hachette NZ
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Lizzie has always had an unfortunate knack of attracting bad luck, but this time she's hit the jackpot. Losing her heart to her boss leads to her losing her job, and with no money in the bank, Lizzie finds herself forced to move back home with her parents. When she reluctantly takes a voluntary job, she meets Mrs Dallimore, a seemingly ordinary elderly woman with an astonishing past . . .

Now in her nineties, Mrs Dallimore is also reluctantly coming to terms with her situation. Old age is finally catching up with her. As she and Lizzie form the bond of unexpected friendship, Mrs Dallimore tells the story of a young girl who left America before the outbreak of World War Two and, in crossing an ocean, found herself embarking on a new life she couldn't have imagined.

As Lizzie listens to Mrs Dallimore, she begins to realise that she's not the only person to attract bad luck, or make mistakes, and maybe things aren't so bad for her after all . . .

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I have never read a Erica James book before. Where have I been she has not entered my radar! Well she has hit it now, I loved The Song of the Skylark and I look forward to catching up with some of her other books.

The Song of the Skylark is the story of Lizzie - present day and Clarissa Dallimore - from the 30's and 40's. Lizzie has lost her job due to an unfortunate love affair and she pays for it. At first I didn't really like Lizzie, but as the story went on I came to enjoy her and eventually she found a place in my heart. She has a twin brother Luke and her parents. Luke is married to Ingrid and they have a son Freddie. Family dynamics are in play throughout the book and added to its richness.

Clarissa is the other main character, she is now an old woman that Lizzie meets when she goes to volunteer at a rest home. A friendship springs up and Lizzie eggs Clarissa on to share her story with her. It is a fascinating one and highlights the fact that when you witness an elderly person there is a life's experience behind that elderly face. In Clarissa's case it has been a rich and rewarding one, but one very much filled with heartache as well as happy times.  

The friendship with Clarissa is wonderful for Lizzie and she grows and develops in this volunteer situation, and Clarissa is not above a little match making for Lizzie with Jed the new gardner. 

While the story is narrated mostly from Lizzie's and Clarissa's point of view, there are well placed chapters that gives us a little insight to some of the other members of Lizzie's family.

I was swept away to another country and time in this novel and by the time it finished I was so sad to see my time with these people had come to an end.


  1. I am so glad that you enjoy this book. Erica James books are great, my mom got me interested in them. I still have many of her books to read!

    1. As you can see Viki I am now a fan of her writing!

  2. I pretty sure the library has it..pretty sure

    1. Hmm I must look in the library to see what we have there of hers.

  3. I like an occasional historical fiction and this one sounds really good. I've never heard of this author. I don't know if my library will have them, but if not I could always order one to try her out. Thanks for a good review.

    1. Yes I hadn't heard of her before either Rita, but I think she must be published your way as Viki who is from Canada knew of her. I did like this one very much.

  4. This is a new to me author as well. Sounds like a great story.


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