April 30, 2016

Month in Review for April 2016

Month of April

Welcome in, do join me by sharing your link to your look back at this month. I'm looking forward to visiting and seeing what everyone has been up to.  The link will be open for you to share your post whenever you post over the next few days.  Do visit each others' posts.

So I really enjoyed my reading in April. The weather for April has been beautiful and I am still sitting here in a tank top. It's been a long summer for us, although we all look at the sky and think it would be nice to have some rain to dampen our dry soil.

Total books read this month: 15
Book Formats:

From TBR shelfTwo
Review BooksTen
From my New Shelf   Zero

Genres Read

Contemporary RomanceTwo
Women's FictionSeven
Historical FictionThree

Books Read
Under Italian Skies  Nicky Pellegrino
Fantasy in Death  J. D. Robb
Second Chance   Jane Green
Lies and Other Acts of Love Kristy Woodson Harvey
The Vintage Springtime Club   Beatrice Meier
The War Bride   Pamela Hart
The Obsession Nora Roberts
From Here to Home Marie Bostwick
Marked in Flesh   Anne Bishop (audio)
A Drop in the Ocean  Jenni Ogden
Everyone Brave is Forgiven  Chris Cleave
Lone Heart Pass   Jodi Thomas
A Lowcountry Wedding  Mary Alice Monroe
A Kiss From Mr Fitzgerald   Natasha Lester
Don't Let Me Go       Susan Lewis

New to me authors.
Beatrice Meier
Pamela Hart
Marie Bostwick
Jenni Ogden
Chris Cleave
Natasha Lester

Top Book for April

All my reads were from 4 to 5 stars and again it is hard to choose one from among them. However the last one I read in the month just took my fancy. It is historical fiction and written by an Australian author. I loved the story and my goodness I adore the cover! I think it will be hard to shift me and it could end up being my top favourite of the year!
book cover

Incoming Books.
Paperback Books Purchased:
Close to You   Kara Isaac

E Books Purchased:
Smoke Screen   Emilie Richards
A Single Thread   Marie Bostwick

Library Books: 

Books coming from NetGalley or Edelweiss
Heart Like Mine. Maggie McGinnis

Books from Hachette NZ
Everyone Brave is Forgiven  Chris Cleave
A Kiss From Mr Fitzgerald     Natasha Lester

Audio Books 
Dont' Let Me Go. Susan Lewis. Purchased from Audible with credit.

When We Were Sisters.  Emilie Richards   


So how did your reading month pan out?


  1. I'll be looking forward to reading more about A Kiss From Mrs. Fitzgerald. As always, it looks like you had a great reading month! I'll post my update tomorrow.

    1. Great Pat. Yes my review for the A Kiss will be up next week I hope.

  2. Not one of those books have I read. Love the cover for your favorite book. You did awesome though! Happy May!

    1. Thanks Freda. Different books but still booklovers together!

  3. I read and loved The Obsession this month...and I'm now reading Lies & Other Acts of Love.

    I had a hard time choosing a favorite in April, as there were several competing for the title. Enjoy May!

    1. I saw that and the two you finally chose and The Obsession was right up there for me. Now I want to read The Nest!

  4. Hi Kathryn,
    Great list of books for April. I'll be checking out several of them. Love the cover on your favorite book. Have a great day!

    1. Ah Sherrie isn't it just perfect. I totally fell in love with it. As my book is an ARC I don't have the cover, but that's okay, I can look at it here!

  5. I agree with you on the cover, it is gorgeous. Once again, the number of books you have read and how you track them is leaving me impressed and also envious of your organisation!

    1. Emma once I set up the tables, (new learning for me this year) it is so easy to do. Isn't the cover gorgeous.

  6. It's fun to see your reading month in perspective. My April was full of only four books.

    1. Stefanie you do so much else as well as read! Yes it is always good to look back and see where you've been as a reader, and relish all those good books once again.

  7. What a beautiful cover! Makes me want to know more about it, I'll be waiting for your review. My favorite book of April was from my backlog of books that I'm trying to work through. The House Girl by Tara Conklin.

    1. Hmm okay now I need to check out The House Girl when I have finished here! Yes I intend getting on to my back log of books from here on in. Cutting down on review books for awhile!!

  8. I hope May will be good too :)

    1. I hope so too, always great when I love all the books I read in a month.

  9. Lovely reminder of reading through each month - and a good collection for sure!
    Happy to have been able to add mine again. Thanks for hosting and supporting us readers :) Got my CLOSE TO YOU copy delivered this week too - sooo pleased to have a pb copy and look forward to an audio!

  10. You're having a long summer, and I'm hoping to see summer soon! We're finally into spring temps now, and hopefully it gets warmer. Another great month of reading, well done!!

  11. That is such a beautiful cover. Sounds like you had a good month, with mostly 4 and 5 star reads. I love those kind of months. Hope you have a great May.

  12. You had a great month, Kathryn!!! That cover is gorgeous and now I can't wait to hear more about the book - definitely anxious to read your review! I just finished listening to The Obsession - another great book from Nora Roberts and I loved Kristy Woodson Harvey's newest, Lies and Other Acts of Love. Hope you have a great May!!!

  13. Lovely books! I adored Coconut Cake!

  14. Wow...great month.

    A Kiss From Mr. Fitzgerald has such a gorgeous cover.

    Thanks for sharing.


  15. I love the cover of A Kiss From Mr Fitzgerald. I love the era in general, so any book that takes place in the 20s always appeals to me. Hope your May is wonderful!


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