April 11, 2016

Winner of Jan-Mar Full House Link Up

Winner badge
Full House Reading Challenge 2016

The winner of the first quarter of the year was Sue from Utah. She won a $12 Amazon voucher - so congratulations to her.  Hopefully she has now spent it or will soon! There were 198 entries and it was no. 23 that was the lucky number for Sue.

The link up for the next quarter is now live, April - June also the link for when you complete your Full House is also up.  I noticed a few people were finished and sometimes it is just easier to link and forget!

Of course you can always repeat the card with a different set of books and be in again! Thanks again to everyone participating. 

1 comment:

  1. Congrats! great prize to enjoy.
    March linkup was closed when I posted my completions, so I'll move along to April's
    and keep adding to my reads. It's a great challenge, Kathryn. Thanks for creating and hosting!


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