July 2, 2016

Half Way Update on 2016 Bookish Resolutions.

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It has been a good idea to look at the goals mid-year and see where I am with them and what I need to do to hurry some up a bit. While writing the post it made me get back to the quilt I had left to the side. I like the new addition of the rules mid year that allow us to delete and tweak according to the number of goals. I think this is good because goals do need to be checked and adapted usually.


  • make headway with the J. D. Robb series so that I am almost caught up by the end of the year. At present I have completed #25, so by end of 2016 would like to be at somewhere around #38-40.
  • Complete the reading challenges I have signed up for in the 2016 year.
  • Read ten books by New Zealand authors. Ten books - not ten authors! Review the books I read for this.
pile of books
Reading Update.
  • At this point I have read up to and completed #32 in the J. D. Robb series so on track. Partial completion and on track.
  • Reading Challenges are on track, see side bar. Some may be challenging to complete by end of year.  Partial completion and on track.
  • So far I have read five of the ten books by New Zealand authors. Partial completion and on track.    Nicky Pellegrino, Nalini Singh, Jenni Ogden, Maria Lewis, Judith Marillier


  • take part in the April A - Z blogging challenge with my WordPress blog, Discovering Daisies. The sign up for that is 25th Jan. I also plan to have my posts prepared for the most before April.
  • learn a little more html and css via Lorelle's WordPress and the links she suggests. Study something each month and make adjustments to either my WordPress or Blogger blog as appropriate.
  • Visit reviews/posts linked to the reading challenges I host on Book Date blog. 
computer with blog
Blogging Update
  • I completed the April A-Z blogging challenge on my WordPress blog and so completed.
  • I spent some time learning some html and css on Lorelle's WordPress and also did another online course. Satisfied with what I learned.  Completed.
  • I haven't visited blogs of the challenges I host for awhile so much and in fact this was an OTT goal. Not completed.   ***Change to this goal for second half of year, as per the new rules and because it was way over the top I am deleting.


  • make one quilt from beginning to end - a Quatre Foil Quilt, that I already have the material for. It will only be the second quilt ever, but larger than the first one I made.
  • participate in the Fitreaders challenge again and meet my goal set for weekly steps - at this point 55 000.
  • Initiate some home updates e.g. painting interior - curtains - possibly kitchen too. I won't be doing the painting though, but need to see the process through.
goals collage
Personal Goals Update.
  • Quilt - finished the blocks but got sidetracked with other quilt tops. I will endeavour to do something to the quatre foil quilt each month from now on to advance it along! Next year I will still be making goals around quilting but a little differently. So at the beginning of the month I had the twelve blocks completed. This month I did the sashing and now next are the borders. Partial completion and on track.
12 blocks ready to be sashed.

Sashed blocks of quilt

  • I am still keeping up with my Fitreaders challenge.  Partial completion and on track.   I have got out there most days and if not walking some other form of exercise.  This goal has been tweaked to 50 000 steps per week which is better for me at present.
  • While I did get the kitchen, lounge, painted things have stalled since. I did have a whole lot of trees cut down outside too which makes a big difference to sunshine coming inside. Love privacy but love sunshine more!  So partial completion. Next need to get bookshelf built, see about curtains and some new furniture.
    Colour before painting. Excuse the mess! 
    Before painting
        After painting.
As one of my friends said "Kathryn that is so much more you!" Even though the pink was a light colour I disliked it but took almost 15 years to change it!


  1. Great job! I especially like your New Zealand author goal. It sounds like it would make for some reads that might not be exactly typical for you. I love the kitchen! I can definitely relate on the length of time to change it. We painted our bathroom a couple of weeks ago and it looks like a completely different room. I'm kicking myself for taking so many years to do it!

    1. I so neglect NZ authors Katherine so a goal helps me to stay aware of them!!

  2. I am so impressed by all you have achieved! I always hated pink as a color for decor - after all those years living with it you must be so happy to have a new look that you love. And that WordPress course looks really interesting. I need to learn some of that stuff. I wish you success in all your reading challenges too.

    1. I can't believe I lived with the pink for so long Lory. Procrastination!

  3. I love your kitchen! Great color choice. I am keeping up with the Fitreaders Challenge, just got away from posting about it weekly. Hard to believe we are halfway through the year.

    1. I don't post about the Fitreaders challenge every week either Nise. I just usually comment on the hostess blog to say if I did or didn't make my goal for the week.
      Thanks about the colour, I find colour a little difficult to do, but I do know I don't aim to be "on trend", I can't understand why people do try!

  4. Great progress! We are painting at the moment too, I find it stressful as I hate picking colours. Pressure! I love that your friend think the colours suit your personality. Good luck with your goals for the rest of the year.

    1. I know my friends know me! Painting is a very trying time alright, but great when it is done!

  5. I LOVE your kitchen! That bright periwinkle is wonderful.

    1. Hehe, I do not care about being on trend, I just put what I like!! Thanks Stefanie.

  6. WOW you and I live very parallel lives LOL :) I am just now getting back into the home DIY (next long weekend will be painting the kitchen/bathroom). I found all my quilting stuff--I will finish my first one hopefully soon. Reading goals: this year I have decided to give myself a break. I am not sure I will even make my goodreads goal :)


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