December 17, 2016

Final Of Read the Books You Buy Reading Challenge 2016


"When I get a little money, I buy books; and if any is left I buy food and clothes". Erasmus

So how did you go with challenge. Remember it was about staying aware and seeing how you were doing. To link up and be in for the giveaway of $25 US Amazon voucher to one entrant, you did not have necessarily to reach your goal, all you had to do was stay with it!

I ended up with 47 books that I had bought over the time period June 2015 until now. Of those 47 I read so far 22. That is 47% and I aim to read by year end two more. That will bring me up to 51%. So I fell in the middle of the moderately successful category. And it is where I aimed to be. Next year I am intending to aim a bit higher.

You can see what I bought and what I read in my commitment post.

What I found most helpful is that it meant I tracked what I was buying and even though I haven't read them all I have plans for them, two I am not going to read because I didn't fall in love with the first in the series. Twelve have gone into a TBR challenge for 2017 and a few of the ones bought late in 2016 will roll over into the 2017 Read the Books You Buy Reading Challenge. Done and Dusted!

Link up open until January 3rd NZ time. January 2nd USA time.


  1. I bought 30 books, and read 15, so I also managed to hit my Moderately Successful target! I'm pretty happy! And this challenge is a great way to track the books I've bouhgt, rather than forgetting about them when they're put on a shelf; I can always check the list, and go dig one out! So I've signed up again for next year's challenge :) Thanks for hosting!

    1. So happy its helping you as well as myself in a very similar way, so thanks for joining up for 2017 as well. See you there!

  2. I plan to have my 100th book read this weekend...and during the time period (June 2015-December 2016), I purchased 138 books.

    I am ready to play again!

    1. I think you'll have read the most of anyone in this challenge Laurel-Rain and er... bought the most. However at that high rate of return on reading you have really aced this challenge Laurel-Rain.

  3. I bought 29, read 12 - accomplished my goal Moderately Successful 40-60%. This challenge was a great incentive to balance reading library books vs. purchased TBR. I signed up for 2017, this time for goal Mission Accomplished 81-100%.


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