December 15, 2016

Island of Glass. Nora Roberts

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Published:Hachette NZ
Date: 6th December 2016
Format: Paperback
Pages: 339
Genre: Paranormal
Source:Thanks to Hachette NZ
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A vengeful goddess hunts for three jewels; fallen stars that will give endless power. To save the world, six friends have joined forces to stop her. Now, on the wild and beautiful cost of County Clare, their battle reaches its dramatic climax.

As the six guardians face their final challenge, Riley and Doyle are prepared to risk their lives in battle. But with love to sustain them, the quest is doomed to failure...
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Island of Glass completes the Guardian trilogy in fine fashion. In it we find the six in  Ireland, at Bran's place recovering from wounds left by last tussle with Nerezza a goddess of darkness. As it happens this is also the place where Doyle grew up hundreds of years before.

Who are they?
Bran the sorcerer
Sasha the seer who sees visions and can foretell what is to come
Sawyer the time and place traveller with his trusty compass
Annika the mermaid who has legs for a finite amount of time
Riley the lycan and archaeologist
Doyle the soldier and immortal, destined to never age or die.

And they come together, now well forged as a clan, finding roots they never dreamed of. They are a team and together they bring themselves and their gifts and strengths to fight the dark, the evil brought into the world by Nerezza. They have two stars, they must find the third and then seek the Glass Island, its whereabouts unknown.

This section of the challenge is Doyle's and Riley's, although of course all six work together. There are sparks between the two and a dawning acknowledgement of what they might mean to each other. As well, we still enjoy the play between all six, the fun and joy that Annika brings to the world, the mistakes some make that angers the others, and more training in readiness for the final fight that must inevitably arrive.

I thoroughly enjoyed the book, I think this trilogy may become my favourite of Nora Roberts. It has everything, mystery, romance, action, and a dash of all kinds of characters as you can see above. It is witty, has delightful characters, and some ugly ones, a fast moving plot set in a beautiful part of the world. It is with regret that I know we say good-bye to these characters, a mark of a good book for me is when I want more. But some wishes can't be granted!

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  1. I kept seeing book two of this series in the New Fiction section. I had told myself in the past I would stop reading her trilogies b/c sometimes the steam runs out early. I love the start of the Witch one but the third book was redundant in its content about the supposedly star-crossed couple. I may give this one a go. The covers are eyecatchy.

  2. That's high praise, Kathryn! I haven't read any of her fantasy/paranormal books but you've put this series on my radar. Great review!

  3. I absolutely loved the first book in the series and just finally got my hands on the 2nd book which I can't wait to read. I loved the personalities of the 6 in the first book and am really excited to start reading Bay of Sighs and am thrilled to hear this one held up as well. Riley was my favorite character and it would have been so disappointing if she had gotten a flat book.

  4. Replies
    1. I definitely would read this series! I've been eyeing it since book one... and Ms. Roberts can certainly write any subgenre of romantic fiction, can't she 😀

  5. I cannot wait to read this. I placed it on my Secret Santa list and need to wait before buying/reading it.


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