February 9, 2017

Who's Afraid Too? Maria Lewis

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Published:Hachette NZ
Date: January 17th 2017
Format: Paperback
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Source: Thank you to Hachette NZ
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Tommi Grayson: all bark, all bite . . . and now she's BACK!

After the worst family reunion in history, Tommi needed some space. She's spent the last few weeks trying to understand her heritage - the one that comes with a side order of fur - as well as learning about her Maori ancestry and how she can connect to it. But she can only escape for so long.

When an unspeakable evil returns, Tommi will need every piece of knowledge and all the skills she has. With the help of allies old and new, frenemies both helpful and super-annoying, she's going to take the fight to the enemy ...

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Well after the shocking end to Who's Afraid - #1 the Tommi Grayson series I was not so sure about returning. But here I am, and I have to admit, sucked in and ready to remain on the Tommi Grayson team and journey. I want the next book now!

Who is Tommi Grayson? Well she is a young 23 year old part Scot, part Maori, who also just happens to belong to a powerful werewolf heritage. She found that out in the first book, and now she is finding out even more about herself and so are her friends and those she has joined with.  I love that cover quote "ALL BARK....ALL BITE!  Yes indeedy.  

In this story we find her in Germany, joining up with a group of rogue werewolves. Lorcan her Custodian or kind of guide is with her. So is Joss a human friend who is in Germany for cancer treatment. In this world there are humans, werewolves and many supernaturals. The Treize are the governing body - and they have the Praetorium Guard who are soldiers and powerful ones at that. Lorcan was one of these before he resigned and took on the work of a Custodian.  We meet a few new PG's as the action heats up.

Tommi is still getting to know herself and her new powers, but they look very promising indeed with I am sure more to come. She's just a babe in this world. The rogue wolves take her on for more training and she becomes a very skilled warrior in many ways. And she will need all the skills and control she can muster because real evil is abroad and it is not playing nice. Ah yes, very revolting is all I'll say. But... Tommi might be a werewolf, but she has a compassionate heart and she sure is not siding with the evil. So watch out. 

This book really helped me grasp better the world Tommi now moves in. There have been new additions, some interesting and some downright evil. There is still the attraction between Tommi and Lorcan that seems to be a no no for reasons apparent mostly to Lorcan.... but I will be watching that space with interest.

If you enjoy a book with world building, interesting characters and lots of action with good versus evil then go for this series. You will need to be able to tolerate werewolves and so on, but really if I got used to them you might too. Well you could be a fan of them already! 

I enjoyed some of the comments at the opening of the book from others about the first book. This is what Darynda Jones says of the first book:
"Gripping, fast-paced and completely unexpected, Who's Afraid has more twists than a tornado. I loved this story! Maria Lewis is definitely one to watch."
However this is the one I loved the most! Its Maria Lewis' mum.
"Definitely worth reading over and over again, as well as buying multiple copies. Great stocking stuffers, those werewolf books."
Hachette NZ have a very interesting interview with Maria Lewis so if you would like to know more go on over to this Maria Lewis interview and learn more.

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  1. Okay, while it sounds exciting, the whole werewolf aspect is not my thing. Thanks for sharing, though, and it sounds like you enjoyed it.

  2. I'm not normally a fan of werewolfs but if you enjoyed this one I think I might too! I'm a little nervous about the first one since it doesn't sound like you were a fan of the ending but hopefully if I have the 2nd one ready to go. I love a book with world building. I don't read much sci fi or fantasy so when I do I want the world building to be really well done!


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