April 27, 2017

Talk of the Town Rachael Johns

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Published: Mira
Date: May 1st 2017
Format: e-ARC
Pages: 4416
Genre: Country Romance
Source: Publisher via NetGalley
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Lawson Cooper-Jones has two priorities in life – his son, Ned, and the survival of the dairy farm that has been in his family for generations. Despite the best efforts of the town matchmakers and the determined pursuit of local girl Adeline Walsh, Lawson’s heart belongs still, and only, to his late wife.

But when a flat tyre strands Lawson and Ned in nearby Rose Hill, he’s surprised to find a woman living alone in the old general store of the deserted town. Ned immediately forms a bond with the beautiful stranger called Meg, and Lawson is surprised to find himself captivated by her too.

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Talk of the Town was a book that drew me in right from the beginning and kept me engaged all the way through. There wasn't big drama or lots of action, but relationships that mattered and caught at my heart.

Would you buy a house in the middle of a town where people no longer lived, except for someone called Crazy Archie? Live in an old house that was once a country store. Well you wouldn't find me doing it, however that's what Meg does, and there is an air of mystery about her that makes you wonder what led her here? What's her past? 

Then there is a very likeable dairy farmer Lawson and an eight year old son who has his head on straight and is a total delight. Add into that mix Tabitha, Lawson's sister who is another one who has her heart and head in the right place.  Throw in a couple of dogs, a ghost who resides side by side with Meg and a rather spiteful, but not totally lost wanna-be-girlfriend of Lawson and the scene is set.

I loved the Western Australia country setting, the romance, the twists and turns and the just downright wonderfulness of the right kind of relationships and the opportunity of second chances.  And who is the talk of the town? Read the book and find out!

Keep them coming Rachael Johns. 
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  1. This sounds like a nice read.

  2. Ehhh, yeah I would not buy a house in that town. LOL. But I am glad it worked out

  3. I like the setting of this book it sounds nice. I have never read this author before but now I am curious. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I LOVE romances that don't have a lot of relationship angst and drama Kathryn. Great review thanks

  5. This one sounds good! I do love the descriptions of the setting...so I'm adding this one to my list. Thanks for sharing.

  6. This sounds really good! I definitely want to know more about the woman living alone in the old general store. I love the setting too. I haven't read nearly enough books set in Australia. I'm adding this to my TBR!

  7. The setting seems really interesting- but I'm not sure about the genre... I might just pick it up though!


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