June 30, 2017

Month in Review - June


Welcome in, do join me by sharing your link to your look back at this month. I'm looking forward to visiting and seeing what everyone has been up to.  The link will be open for you to share your post whenever you post over the next few days.  Do visit each others' posts.

Total books read this month: 14
14 books is a little light for me, however it did take me almost a week to read Silver Silence as I read it slowly and needed to concentrate on every word! I haven't quite finished the last on my list - The Tulip Sisters, but by the time June ends I'll be there I do believe

Books Read:
Serenity Harbor   RayAnne Thayne
Soon    Morris Gleitzman
Saving Grace   Jane Green
The Garden of Small Beginnings Abi Waxman
A Stardance Summer  Emily March
One Wrong Turn  Deanna Lyn Sletton
Come Sundown   Nora Roberts
The Beach at Painter's Cove   Shelley Noble
Silver Silence  Nalini Singh
The Almost Sisters    Joshilyn Jackson
Indian Summer    Marcia Willett
Anne of Avonlea    L. M. Montgomery - audiobook
Goodnight from London  Jennifer Robson  - audiobook
Secrets of the Tulip Sisters    Susan Mallery

Book Formats:

From TBR shelfTwo
Review BooksEight
From my New Shelf   Two

Genres Read

Contemporary RomanceFour
Mainstream FictionFive
Historical FictionThree

New to me authors.
Abi Waxman
Jennifer Robson

Top Book for June

I enjoyed all my reads, however Silver Silence was my favourite. It was my most anticipated read for June and it certainly delivered. I also have a signed book which makes it a little more special. I just loved the whole bear clan and Valentin and Silver. Its a series and a book that just whisks me away from my own world, and as I emerge from it I feel I have been there.
book cover
This is Nalini being interviewed on TV here in New Zealand about her new book.

Looking Forward to Reading in July...

Well I always look forward with anticipation to a new Fatal book by Marie Force, and her new one comes out on the 25th of July, I have made time in my calendar as well to read it. This will be an auto-buy for me!
book cover

Incoming Books.
Books purchased:
book cover book cover

Won on Goodreads: 
book cover

Books from Publishers:
book cover book cover book cover 
book cover book cover book cover

book cover book cover book cover
book cover

Audio Books with Audible credits
book cover book cover


So how did your reading month pan out?


  1. You won a GR one! I rarely see people who win :)

  2. You had a good month, Kathryn! Have a lovely weekend.

  3. Wow, 14 books. I’m impressed. I think I maybe read 7? I hope you enjoy all your new books!

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

  4. Wow how did June fly so fast! Thanks for the catch up!

  5. GREAT month for you, Kathryn.

    I LOVED The Almost Sisters.

    I enjoyed The Forever Summer.

    I haven't read any of the other ones, but they look.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Here's to a great July!!


  6. oh wow - 14 books? That's awesome! It was a busy month for me with traveling and vacation and NO time to read - I think I made it through 3 books this month. I need to go through and do a review as well to figure out where I am and where I need to go next. ;-) Although I DO know I've got the Joshilyn Jackson on my nightstand to begin tonight. Happy 4th!

  7. I decided to schedule a post for this monthly review because I enjoy making lists and making structure out of my seat-of-pants reading. I finished mine off today and linked it.

    I loved Come Sundown! I have The Stolen Marriage also for end of summer, and want to read the new Sandra Brown. Actually almost all your titles this month appeal to me-- thanks for sharing them :)

  8. Great month! Of your new books, I definitely want Seeing Red and The Stolen Marriage. Enjoy July!

  9. I can't believe 14 is a light month for you! I'm running so behind on all my challenges this year!

  10. Wow-14 books! I enjoyed the review clip. I'm going to add Silver Silence to my list. I'm glad it can be read as a stand alone. I wonder what our cover looks like!

  11. still, 14 is a lot of books! June was the lowest for me so far in 2017, with only 6

  12. Impressed that 14 books is a light month for you, especially since I only managed to read 3 books in June. Great job!

  13. That's still some great reading! I hope you enjoy Gracie's book. I loved that one. Happy reading in July!

  14. Hi Katheryn,
    Great list of books. I'll have to check out the Nalini Singh series. Have a great day!

  15. Great month Kathryn! I'm currently listening to Nora Robert's Come Sundown - it's a long audiobook...but I'm enjoying it! I have Joshilyn Jackson's book in my July pile and I can't wait to get to it - I really enjoy her books! How was the audio of Goodnight from London? I read that one and loved it...I would imagine the audio was good.

    Happy reading!!!

  16. What a great month! Nalini Singh is an author I've really been wanting to try. Most of the books I've seen by her aren't really my genre but I've seen nothing but glowing reviews so I'm thinking I should take the risk. Happy July reading!

  17. Wow! 14 books in one month!!! I really need to start reading more books in the next few months!!!

  18. 14 books is fantastic! Happy July!

  19. 14 books is awesome, Kathryn! Once I get caught up on a couple more series, I want to start the Psy-Changeling series. Happy reading for July!

  20. So glad you enjoyed Silver Silence. I just brought it home.

  21. I have the Almost Sisters on my TBR- interested if you enjoyed it? My reading is too slow in the summer with my kids home- can't wait for fall!


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