July 20, 2017

Some Kind of Hero. Suzanne Brockmann

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Published: Ballantine
Date: July 11th 2017
Format: e-ARC
Pages: 448
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Source: Publisher via NetGalley
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Navy men don’t come tougher than Lieutenant Peter Greene. Every day he whips hotshot SEAL wannabes into elite fighters. So why can’t he handle one fifteen-year-old girl? His ex’s death left him a single dad overnight, and very unprepared. Though he can’t relate to an angsty teen, he can at least keep Maddie safe—until the day she disappears. Though Pete’s lacking in fatherly intuition, his instinct for detecting danger is razor sharp. Maddie’s in trouble. Now he needs the Troubleshooters team at his back, along with an unconventional ally.

Romance writer Shayla Whitman never expected to be drawn into a real-world thriller—or to meet a hero who makes her pulse pound. Action on the page is one thing. Actually living it is another story. Shay’s not as bold as her heroines, but she’s a mother. She sees the panic in her new neighbor’s usually fearless blue eyes—and knows there’s no greater terror for a parent than having a child at risk. It’s an ordeal Shay won’t let Pete face alone. She’s no highly trained operative, but she’s smart, resourceful, and knows what makes teenagers tick.

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Some Kind of Hero is #17 in The Troubleshooter series. This is a an action/romantic suspense novel that really only loosely relates to the series. It has Izzy Zanella and Peter Green (Grunge) and a few of the others, but it just involves them a little.

This is essentially the story of Maddie, daughter of Peter, she has inadvertently got herself mixed up with, someone who leaves her holding a can of worms and a price on her head. Escaping with a rather dubious guy called Dingo she runs from the guy who is threatening her and wanting $10 000 that she doesn't have, or... her life. She has only recently come to live with her rather unknown Dad and is just fifteen. Dingo is twenty and so far hasn't really been an outstanding human being. However it could be said he is the hero when it all washes out.

In desperately trying to trace his runaway daughter, Peter makes the quick acquaintance with his next door neighbor - Shayla. There is an immediate attraction between them which gets hot and heavy as the search progresses.  Shayla is a romantic suspense writer, with a hero of her own from her books who has a disconcerting way of talking in her head, giving her advice, mostly very useful. And a device at times I found a little annoying.

It takes awhile for them to track down Maddie - well most of the book! So at times things moved a little more slowly than I am used to in a Brockmann Troubleshooter's book.  However when it did happen it was worth the wait.  I loved the surprise of one moment when the "calvary" arrived. Made me jump and chuckle.

I enjoyed the book but was looking for a little more in terms of Navy SEALS. Also it just didn't have the tightness and tension I have come to expect from Suzanne Brockmann's writing. I see it is also noted as #2 in The Reluctant Heroes series and it probably fits in there more. However no doubt most reader fans of The Troubleshooters series will, like me want to read this.

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  1. 17!? I know you do not have to read every single one from start but still

  2. I'm glad you enjoyed it even if it wasn't the strongest for ya.

  3. Oh wow I haven't read this series for a while in fact I sort of thought it was over. I'm getting it now. Nothing at all wrong with a 4* review. Thanks Kathryn.
    ps I'll send some 100 plus temps your way ;-)

  4. As a fan of this author I am looking forward to this book. Glad it was a good read for you.

  5. Hi Kathryn. May I ask around what time do you publish your It's Monday! post? For my shawl, the weight is fingering which is the second to last lightest yarn. So it doesn't bother me in heat. In the dining area here my ceiling fan is whirling right above me which helps as the house is slowly warming up.

    1. Stefanie I usually post it Monday 3pm NZ time. Which is Sunday 11pm Eastern In USA. 8m on West coast and Chicago 10pm. Thanks to my iPad Time Zones!

  6. Hmm doesn't sound like my kind of book, but if it's number 17 in the series, I'm sure you've connected a bit with characters that made it a bit better. I definitely thought I'd see more SEALS based on the cover lol! Great review :)


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