September 27, 2017

The Christmas Room Catherine Anderson

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Published: Berkley
Date: September 26th 2017
Format: e-ARC
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Source: Publisher via NetGalley
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Widow Maddie McLendon has uprooted her life to move to Rustlers Gulch with her son and grandson. But as a brutal Montana winter looms on the horizon, contractors have yet to break ground on their new house, leaving them to live in a makeshift camp of trailers, tents, and sheds....

Since his wife died six years earlier, millionaire rancher Sam Conacher has been content to wallow in his grief alone, while keeping a tight rein on his twenty-six-year-old daughter. But now the girl has gone and fallen in love with his foolish new neighbor’s no-good son....

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Cam, his son Caleb and mother Maddie have arrived in a town in Montana and set up on a parcel of land where they intend to build. In the meantime home is a tent and caravan as they begin this stage of their journey. 

Not so far away is Sam and his daughter Kirstin, they have a huge ranch but not many workers. Sam has scared them all away with his grumpiness, think Scrooge and the Grinch rolled into one plus some. He has been really mean spirited since his wife Annie died about five years ago. He is very protective of his daughter Kirstin and runs off any man who looks at her. So... when Cam shows some interest it is a real challenge to Sam. He is downright rude and before long there is a war going on between Sam and Maddie, who resents his attack on her son Cam. A wall is built, no trespassing notices are put up. 

Maddie though is hiding a secret that she is keeping from her son Cam and grandson Caleb. Caleb is having a difficult time settling into a new school and so far has no friends.  Cam is finding it hard to sell land, all in all things are not going well. However there is romance blossoming between Cam and Kristin.  And even though its war for Sam and Maddie, perhaps there is going to be a second chance romance there too.

The story was a load of fun. It moved along at a good pace with something happening all the time. I loved Caleb, the young teen who had a heart of gold trying to fit in with his peers. He was thoughtful and so caring especially of his grandmother.

While the story does come together at Christmas and is totally heart warming, most of the story takes place before Christmas, so don't feel you are getting too Christmasy to read this now. It's a perfect pre Christmas read, that will put you in the spirit for that season when it arrives.


  1. I do wish publishers would publish xmas books beginning from Nov ;)

  2. This sounds like a delightful book. I am also happy to hear that a teenage character has been written with a "heart of gold." Usually the teens in books are so annoying. LOL.

  3. My review posts tomorrow. I liked it as well. Nice review!

  4. I loved the banter and bickering between the older gen and will share this one during the HoHoHo Readathon.

  5. I love Christmas stories and I am sure I would enjoy this one. Great review.

  6. I really love the cover of this one so I'm glad the book lived up to it! I like the multi-generation stories and this sounds wonderful!


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