December 31, 2017

Audiobook Challenge 2018

2018 Audiobook Challenge
I am going to be in again on the Audiobook Challenge mainly because I love audiobooks! I didn't quite make my goal in 2017 but was close. For me it is enjoying the listening experience and appreciating the narrator and author's combined talents. I only listen at normal speed.  

The Challenge Details can be found at Caffeinated Reviewer   and Hot Listens.

This year I am going to go for the Binge Listener Level which is the 20 -30 level, and hopefully it will be closer to 30 than 20.  I have a few audiobooks already in the line up from the sales at Audible in 2017 and a few credits already to be used. And... I am hoping to make use of some library listens as well. 

  1. The Sea of Tranquillity   Katja Millay. Narrated:Kirby Heyborne and Candace Thaxton.  5 stars
  2. A Grown Up Kind of Pretty   Joshilyn Jackson   Narrated: Joshilyn Jackson     4 stars
  3. The Secret Hour  Luanne Rice.  Narrated: Christine Traister  4.5 stars
  4. The Pearl Sister.  Lucinda Riley. Narrated: Stephanie Racine & Rehanna MacDonald  5 stars.
  5. Sweet Tea and Sympathy.  Molly Harper.  Narrated by Amanda Ronconi.  4 stars.
  6. Still Me   Jojo Moyes.  Narrated by Anna Acton  4.5 stars
  7. The Denim Blue Sea   Joanne Demaio   4 stars  Narrated by Nick Cracknell 3 stars
  8. The Endless Beach  Jenny Colgan  5 stars   Narrated by Sarah Barron   5 stars
  9. Meet Me at The Cupcake Cafe   Jenny Colgan 4.5 stars   Narrated by Penelope Rawlins 5 stars
  10. Beard Science Penny Reid
  11. Promise Me Dad.  Joe Biden (Memoir) Narrated by Joe Biden.  5 stars
  12. Beach Blues Joanne DeMaio  3.5 stars   Nick Crackness narrator 3.5 stars
  13. *** The Rogue Not Taken Sarah Maclean  3.5 stars story 3.5 stars narration by Justine Eyre
  14. The Sugar House Blues   Mariah Stewart. 4 stars story 4.5 stars narration by Joy Osmanski
  15. Her Royal Spyness    Rhys Bowen  4 stars story 5 stars narration by Katherine Kellgren
  16. A Royal Pain   Rhys Bowen  4 stars story   5 stars narration by Katherine Kellgren
  17. Crimes Against A Book Club 4 stars story  5 stars narration by Katherine Kellgren
  18. Persuasion  Jane Austen 4 stars story 5 stars narration by Juliet Stevenson
  19. Leverage in Death J. D. Robb 5 stars   5 stars narration
  20. The Lilac Bouquet    Caroline Brown 4 stars 5 stars narration  Brittany Pressley
  21. Royal Flush Rhys Bowen  4 stars. Narration Katherine Kellgren 5 stars
  22. How to Find Love in a Bookshop   4 stars. Veronical Henry Narration Julia Barrie 4 stars
  23. An Island Christmas.  Jenny Colgan  5 stars.  Narrator Sarah Baron 5 stars
  24. The One You Really Want  Jill Mansell 4.5 stars  Narrator Sarah Baron 4.5 stars
  25. Brothers and Sisters Fiona Palmer  4.5 stars   Narrator Anna Steen 4.0 stars

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  1. I'm glad you're participating in this challenge again. I may up my game for it this year.


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