January 21, 2018

Read Along With Emilie 2018: Reading Challenge

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This is where I will keep a record of the Read Along with Emilie 2018: A Reading Challenge issued by one of my favourite authors Emilie Richards.  Go on over and read her post and why she likes a bit of a reading challenge.

The categories are:

  • A book set on the water    The Denim Blue Sea    Joanne DeMaio
  • A novel that features a character with a disability  The Promise Between Us. Barbara Claypole White.  (Disability = OCD)
  • A classic you always promised yourself you'd read Persuasion  Jane Austen
  • A novel with a person's name in the title  The Storied Life of A. J. Fikry Gabrielle Zevin
  • A travelogue    Table for Eight   Tricia Stringer  ( Pacific Islands cruise)
  • A novel featuring a woman over sixty as a major character  The Single Ladies of the Jacaranda Retirement Village  Joanna Nell
  • A novel set in a different century and a country not your own  The Duchess   Danielle Steele
  • A family saga    The Pearl Sister.    Lucinda Riley.
  • A novel from a genre ( cozy mystery) that you rarely or never read: Homicide in Hardcover by Kate Carlisle
  • A novel by Emilie Richards   Night Magic.
  • A non-fiction "how-to" book  Photo Album Quilts Wendy Butler Burns
  • A young adult (YA) book  Becoming Magdalene  Fleur Beale
  • A book you choose just because...   it had a quilt on the cover!   A Soft Place to Fall  Liz Flaherty
  • A time travel novel    As You Wish   Jude Deveraux
  • A novel that's been made into a movie
  • A book that's been in your TBR pile for more than a year   Flirting with Pete Barbara Delinksy
  • A memoir  Promise Me Dad.  Joe Biden (Memoir) Narrated by Joe Biden.  5 stars
  • A book by a local author    Hearts of Resistance    Soraya M. Lane
The ones I'll find most difficult to fulfil I suspect are: a book set on water, a travelogue (erk!) and maybe a genre I never read. I'm doing a couple of challenges that call for classics - and... classics reading is a far from strong point for me!!
What would be your Waterloo?  
Have you any suggestions of books you've read that would fit one of these categories?


  1. I always said I'd read "The Old Man and the Sea" - so a classic that is set on water? :)


    1. That would be fun to cover two in one go. I am not sure Its for me - I've heard of it, but in a vague kind of way, must have a look at it though. Thanks Sherry.

  2. A Dog's Purpose by Bruce Cameron would be good for A novel that's been made into a movie; the book is way better. I listened to the audiobook and loved it. The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton was also made into a movie, one I need to see, and it's a classic. For memoir, I loved Yes, Chef by Marcus Samuelsson and Geisha, A Life by Mineko Iwasaki. A Woman of Substance by Barbara Taylor Bradford is a family saga my mum and I read long ago.

    1. Aha The Outsiders - a classic! Will look into it Stefanie. Thanks.

  3. Emilie Richards has a reading challenge!! I'm not sure I can resist this one. I think I'd struggle the most with time travel. I'm not sure what constitutes a travelogue exactly but have you tried Bill Bryson? You might enjoy his books. They can be a bit rambly but in a college professor bumbling kind of way if that makes sense.

    1. Not sure what a travelogue is either but will have to explore it! I'll look into Bill Bryson, I haven't read anything by him, so would be a new experience.

  4. I’m a fan of J. Maarten Troost’s travelogues - Sex Lives of Cannibals or Getting Stoned with Savages about his experiences living on islands in the South Pacific (Kiribati, Vanuatu)


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